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Advantages of choosing ACCA as a career

HomeEducationalAdvantages of choosing ACCA as a career

Having an ACCA certification means you have joined the club of the finest accounting professionals in the world. You have got a qualification that is globally recognized and comes with the power to open infinite opportunities for you. It is a rapidly growing organization and the degree is recognized in all the countries as equivalent to their local qualification. Below are the advantages of choosing ACCA as a career.

A Prestigious Qualification

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants certification is the most sought-after qualification and the ACCA members are admired well across the industries. Being the most updated industry, ACCA gives you enormous learning opportunities. The ACCA members adapt the changes in policies and structures effortlessly.

Extensive qualification

ACCA Course in Canada offers the immense qualification and the other required skills e.q., taxation and auditing are also taught The ACCA training includes the comprehensive skills set that involves Tax Management, Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Consultant, and Internal Auditor. There are huge member employers that look for qualified ACCA across the world.

Global recognition

The international body of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants provides the ACCA certification and it acceptable in all the countries.


The best part about studying the ACCA course is that it offers huge flexibility to the students. The online classes are offered which is beneficial for those who are working. It let them maintain a balance between work and studies. The ACCA exams can be taken twice in a year. A test taker can take those exams as per their convenience.

Affordable fees

ACCA Fees in Canada is affordable to people. The ACCA Fees include the course materials, exam fees, counseling, placements, etc. This globally recognized- certification is priced approx. 200 CAD which is quite affordable if compared with other companies.

Job Opportunities and Salary for ACCA Holders in Canada

The ACCA certified people in Canada need to apply for an exemption with a Certified General Accountant (CGA). CGA is a Canadian accounting certification which increases your chances of getting a good in the field of Accounts in Canada.

ACCA Certification in Canada

ACCA certification is not directly valid in Canada because CGA Canada and ACCA have a Global Mutual Recognition Agreement.This MRA let the qualified members of one organization join the other, receiving the benefits of both associations. It means there will be a lot of opportunities for an ACCA member in Canada if they want to work here.

So Plan your budget accordingly to acquire this certification.

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