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Do Skip-hire Companies Effectively Recycle Your Waste?

HomeBusinessDo Skip-hire Companies Effectively Recycle Your Waste?

You have probably walked past a skip and wondered what skip hire companies do with the waste they receive daily. Do they recycle it, or where do they dump it? This blog will teach you what happens to your trash when the skip has been taken away from your property.

Whether it has crossed your mind or not, knowing what a skip hire Bromley does with the various types of waste could motivate you to recycle the waste and help the world keep it sustainable.

Whether commercial or garden waste, it can accumulate a large amount of waste, and you may not always have the time to dispose of it correctly. During such times, a skip hire comes to your rescue, and you will save a lot of money, time and effort.

Process of Recycling

Recycling your waste is the best option to protect the environment. The piles of rubbish continue to grow, so waste management companies have started to recycle the trash at the recycling centres.

Hiring a skip is more than getting rid of the waste. The following process includes collection, sorting out the garbage and recycling the various types of waste. The extent of recycling will vary depending on your skip-hire company. For example, skip hire Bromley produces less than 1% of waste going to the landfill.

After collecting your garbage, we separate it into various categories, such as hardened waste, scrap metal, electronic items etc., to ensure the waste disposal is done ethically and sustainably. Desposing litter in an environment-friendly manner is vital, as discussed below.

Environmental Footprint of Recycle

People worldwide are becoming more aware of eco-friendly practices in their daily life, and they support the company that is going green!

It is essential if you have decided to lead a better life for our planet. However, if you want to live an eco-friendly life or run an eco-friendly business, you must make conscious decisions. Especially when it comes to choosing a skip hire company, you might make a decision based on their price. But the primary factor you should consider is what happens to your waste after you put it into a skip.

Undoubtedly, the world is changing, and landfills are overflowing with waste. We all must participate in the recycling movement as much as possible, and RMS Skip Hire will surely help you with it.

Segregation of Waste

After the skip has been filled up from your place, it is taken to the company’s base, and they will evaluate what is there in the skip. The waste is then segregated into various piles, ensuring that similar materials are kept together.

The following items are grouped:

  • Wood Furniture

Wood and chipboard furniture is recycled to make new products. The wood is put through the shredder and turned into small chips. This chipped wood can be used for home gardening or burned to create heat.

Burning of weed releases carbon dioxide, but it is already a cut-down wood; you are not cutting down new wood for burning.

  • Garden Waste

It is composed and reused or landscaped. It does take time to decompose naturally, but once it has been done, it can be reused to give your land a natural life and improve the life of your plants.

  • Excess Oil

Construction project digs the soil out of the ground, allowing them to create foundations. Your skip company can send this excess soil to a land reclamation scheme. This particular soil can not be left on the site unless you plan to have a garden at your location.

  • Hardcore Material

Brick, stone, tiles, and glass fall into this category. They are reused in their natural form. But it requires a powerful machine to crush it to be reused in construction projects; it can help create foundations or the driveway for the project.

  • Scrap Material

Scrap materials are exported to other countries that can reuse them. The range of material under this category is vast, and its revenue is equivalent to billions of pounds per year. It is a noteworthy contribution to the economy.

The Law

Your local council has a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, which means they wish to avoid sending anything to the landfill; they are committed to reducing waste. However, the local council is aware that the change may not come overnight, but the government is determined to do it. Your skip-hire company must be mindful of the rules and regulations and try to recycle as much as possible.

Do Skip-hire Companies Recycle?

You might ask, after knowing all these, do skip-hire companies recycle? Well, yes, and they must whenever possible. They also abide by the law to recycle the waste they get. The UK’s recycling rate for household waste was 44.4% in 2020, decreasing from 46.00% in 2019, and skip hire plays an essential role in it as the amount of waste sent to recycling facilities has increased over the years.

Recycling units or companies manufacture products back into new products that are great for the environment. Also, it is more advisable than ever to have sustainable waste disposal management because the landfill tax has increased.

How to Find a Skip Company That Recycles?

Research what skip-hire companies recycle the most in your area. It will help you ensure that your materials end up most sustainably.

Online reviews are one of the ways to learn about their recycling policy or ask them directly what they do with the scrap material they get; this is the primary factor before you choose a skip hire company. Please read our blog on how we recycle your garbage.

How can RMS Skip Hire help?

Since being a skip hire company, we take pride in saying that we recycle and always try to take your waste to our recycling plant so that your pile of garbage does not end up in the landfill.

Depending on the amount or type of waste, the council will decide whether to collect it or not. Local authorities often charge for large items or garden waste, so please check with your local council.

On the contrary, these types of waste could be put in a skip with the assistance of skip hire Bromley. We offer various skip sizes depending on the amount of garbage you have accumulated. Our experts are qualified enough to guide you choose the perfect skip size for your waste disposal and answer all your questions.

Visit us online to learn more about our services.

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