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Things To Consider Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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The disappointment you experience when filing a lawsuit is natural when you’re not that confident of a successful outcome. What actions to take, and how to do them, are becoming a real concern? Nonetheless, in cases of medical negligence and misconduct you ought to seek clinical guidance and see if you actually have an argument that can be taken to the trial.

Only because your doctor or other health care professional made an error in your diagnosis, it’s not a medical malpractice. Before you can even file a medical malpractice case, you need to define a few items as a plaintiff (the individual who brings the claim). If you are unsure whether you have reasons for making a argument or not, consider this:

1. Has the doctor failed to perform his / her duty of care?

Establish the duty of treatment that the doctor owed you. This is the fundamental underpinning of a partnership between doctor and patient. If you were in the care of that doctor, the role of the doctor is the same as might be expected of any other doctor in the same geographical area, with a similar specialty with similar educational experience.

2. Was that a breach of duty?

Medical malpractice includes an accident incurred by an breach of the treatment obligation owed to their patient by a doctor or other medical career. A blatant example would be if the doctor sewed you with a diagnostic device left inside your body, but you might be misdiagnosed and infected with a disease you don’t have because you refuse to treat the one they failed to diagnose.

3. Is the violation causing injury?

In the case of a doctor placing a medical device inside a patient’s body, it can cause discomfort, infection, perforated organs, and a host of other issues. You will need to be able to draw a clear line of causation between the accident and the breach, which can be very difficult in some cases and simple in others.

4. Do you have enough evidence?

The scientific evidence needs to make a argument which is convincing. You’ll need certified medical professionals able to provide evidence and detailed medical history detailing the severity of the medical mistake and the injuries it caused. If you don’t know what kind of evidence you need, your lawyer should be doing your medical malpractice.


You have to make your claim against the individual or organization in question. You might sue the doctor personally in some cases but in some cases, you would sue the hospital or health care system. You have to lodge a medical malpractice case three years from the date of the accident. You must ensure you take appropriate action when you have been harmed by a trusted physician or other health care provider.


You do not want to re-enact the situation a thousand times more, depending on the kind of injustice you have experienced as a result of negligence and that’s exactly what’s going to happen in court. Which might be psychologically destabilizing to you. Therefore, mental preparedness is very necessary before a medical malpractice case is filed.


One of the key reasons that there are plenty of cases and no redress for medical negligence is that the wrong person has been charged. Many people sue the hospital if fraud is committed against them.

I n reality, although the negligence of hospital workers would usually keep the hospital liable, certain doctors might not be hospital staff and thus have to be prosecuted individually even though they have performed the incompetent act in a particular hospital.

Determining who you’re against is crucial because it can either encourage you, or it can discourage you. For example, competing against a large hospital with a very good rating and a clean record on any form of serious wrongdoing may be a financial and emotional fight you may not be able to deal with.

Hire an experienced Philadelphia Medical Malpractice attorney services if you are a medical malpractice patient and restore the harm that is yours to rectify. Our Pennsylvania injury & medical malpractice attorneys are paid by the defendant and have to scrutinize the case carefully and collect enough evidence to either continue in court or enter into victim compensation mediation agreements.

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