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Organizing a garage sale: How to get your kids to give up their toys

HomeInsightsOrganizing a garage sale: How to get your kids to give up...

Every time of the year is perfect for decluttering, no matter if you are calling the guys from Zippy Shell Columbus to move you to another house or you just want more space in your current place. You are finally ready to organize a garage sale, clean all the clutter in your home, and cash in. It might be easy for you to say goodbye to your old stuff, but if you have kids, clearing out their toys might require some convincing. This could be very challenging, especially if the kids don’t want to separate from their old toys, even though they haven’t played with them for a long time. To help you organize a successful garage sale, we are giving you a few tricks to get your kids to give up their toys.

Prepare your children to let go of their toys

We can all agree that you can’t just go into your kids’ room and announce that most of their toys must go. No matter how frustrated you are because of the mess in their room, you must approach the subject easily. If they don’t know what is going on and why they need to say goodbye to their toys, they might feel scared or have a meltdown. That’s why you need to help them overcome fear and worry, and explain to them calmly why they need to let go of their toys. Have a family meeting and explain to them that they will have more room to play and more space for some new toys.

Sit with your kids and make a selection of toys

Letting go of toys can be very hard for children, so go easy on your kids. Ask them what toys they want to include in the garage sale, and thus give them the sense that they have control and authority over the toys. If that doesn’t make the process easier, let them choose one toy to keep for every two toys that go to the sale. Also, you can remind them that when they sell their old toy, they can earn a few bucks and start saving for some new toy they long for.


Don’t sell the toys right away

If your kids find it very painful to part with a particular toy, then you should try to store it in a unit for a couple of days before selling it. If you put some toys aside for a while, most of the time the kids won’t even remember the toys exist. There might be a few occasions where you will have to retrieve a favorite doll or teddy bear, but you will still have a box full of toys to sell at your garage sale.

To get your kids to give up their toys, create a treasure chest

Another way to get your kids to give up their toys is to create a treasure chest where your kids will put their favorite toys. Explain to them that they can keep as many toys as they want, but they must fit in the box. Of course, you are the one who will decide on the size of the box. They might want to negotiate on this aspect but, in the end, you will win and have more space in the bedrooms and a successful garage sale.

Let your kids sell their toys

Perhaps your kids have trouble saying goodbye to their toys, but they may not mind selling them, especially if they can keep a percentage of the profits. Include them in the garage sale, give them a table to display their goods, and help them price the items. Of course, you should be there to watch over the transactions. This can be a fun way to get your kids to give up their prized possessions, and at the same time, they will learn a few business lessons. Tell them that they can keep a percentage of the sale and that they can spend it however they want.

If the kids don’t want to sell the toys, they can donate them

If your kids still don’t want to sell their toys, you can try a different approach – try to encourage them to donate them instead. While you won’t make any money, you can teach your kids to give to others and share what they have. Explain to your kids that some children don’t have as many toys as they do and that they would enjoy and love their old toys. There are so many causes you should donate to, but let your children decide to whom they will give their toys and take them to donate the items themselves. You can also tell them they can sell the toys and donate the funds to charity, and they may even pick out more toys to sell.

Organizing a garage sale is not an easy process, especially if you have kids who don’t want to let go of their toys. However, if you present it as a game and make it fun, they may part with them more easily. You should remember to include them in the process during the garage sale so that they can feel in control. In the end, you will have more space in your home and earn some cash.

Top ways for your kids to give up their toys

Encouraging kids to give up their toys can be a positive experience that teaches them about generosity, empathy, and the value of sharing. Here are some creative and effective ways to help your kids let go of their toys:

  1. Donate to a Charity:
    • How: Explain to your kids that other children may not have as many toys. Involve them in the process of selecting toys to donate to a local charity or children’s hospital.
  2. Toy Swap with Friends:
    • How: Organize a toy swap with friends or neighbors. This way, kids can exchange toys they no longer play with for “new” ones from their friends.
  3. Create a Giving Box:
    • How: Introduce the concept of a “giving box.” Place it in a common area and encourage your kids to regularly add toys they’re willing to part with. Donate the contents to a local charity periodically.
  4. Sell Toys for a Purpose:
    • How: Teach your kids about saving money and the concept of earning. Help them set up a “toy store” where they can sell their toys, and the money earned can be used for a special purpose or charity.
  5. Art and Craft Projects:
    • How: Repurpose old toys for art and craft projects. Transform them into something new and creative, such as making collages, sculptures, or decorations.
  6. Story of Sharing:
    • How: Share stories or watch videos with your kids about the joy of giving and sharing. Sometimes, storytelling can be a powerful way to instill values.
  7. One In, One Out Rule:
    • How: Implement a rule where for every new toy received (birthday, holiday, etc.), one old toy must be given away. This helps control the overall number of toys.
  8. Create a Giving Calendar:
    • How: Develop a giving calendar where, regularly, your child selects toys to give away. This routine helps make the process more manageable and expected.
  9. Educational Donations:
    • How: Consider donating toys to schools, daycare centers, or educational programs. Some toys can serve an educational purpose for other children.
  10. Involve Them in the Decision:
    • How: Make it a collaborative process. Discuss with your child the importance of giving, and involve them in the decision-making process of which toys to give away.

Remember to approach this process with sensitivity, acknowledging your child’s feelings and attachment to their toys. Reinforce the positive aspects of sharing and helping others, and make the experience a positive and rewarding one for them.

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