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How does the future of AI-powered HR look like?

HomeEducationalHow does the future of AI-powered HR look like?

The new disruptive technology i.e. artificial intelligence (AI) while in its early stages, has already started making waves and is now making its presence felt in the traditional HR department as well.

The future of HR that is powered by AI will bring some new efficiencies and greater effectiveness around the essential human process of engaging, training, and retaining the most significant resources of any organization – it’s people.

As an HR professional, if you want to implement artificial intelligence, you need to know that it is not necessary that you understand all the nitty-gritty of the AI-enabled programs, technologies, and applications. In fact, an HR professional should be more interested in the business value of artificial intelligence.

Yes, you read it right. An HR professional should be more concerned about –

  • What will the business value of the AI initiative in the organization?
  • What AI processes will your organization try to support?
  • Last but definitely not the least, you should know what all processes and things need to be in place before you can make AI-enabled processes work for you?

While these questions can be applied for any new technology that you are trying to bring in your organization. It is important to understand that AI is not magic, however at the same time one need to understand the technology as a tool for humans like any other technology.

Artificial Intelligence: How AI helps a professional in her HR Career!

To know how artificial intelligence can help in HR functions, it is important to understand the HR functions that are crucial for business needs. And the functions include –

  1. Sourcing: One of the most important functions in the career of an HR professional is talent sourcing. In order to spread a word about an opening in your organization, you need to reach the right audience and get job descriptions and openings to the right audience. With artificial intelligence programs in place, the entire process becomes more effective. How? By offering job openings to the right candidates results in candidate applications that are apt for the roles advertised. With AI-enabled tools and programs, organizations can reach particular demographics, industry segments even interest profiles. In fact, with artificial intelligence-enabled tools you can also better phrase the language of your advertisement to maximize the engagement.
  2. Screening: One of the most tedious and intensive tasks in the life of an HR professional. The text analytics tools – a form of AI – can be used to identify the required skills and education. An ideal way to screen out applicants who do not meet the basic requirements.  
  3. Matching: Once an HR professional is done with sourcing and screening of applications, now comes another part and that is matching the right candidate with the job description. There are numerous ways of assessing a candidate’s fit including – behavioral style, communication approaches, inclination to take risks, learning style and ability, and technical and cognitive skills. AI-enabled tools can help you understand these assessments better.
  4. Managing talent pipeline: It is important for an HR professional to manage a talent pipeline – to retain the interview and assessment results along with ongoing communications. It is possible that while both candidates and the organization are interested in each other but the timing may not be right and this is where AI-powered tools will keep a record of things and help an HR professional when the timing is right to call that candidate for another round of an interview.

While the future of HR will be powered by AI, it will still be important to go for HR and talent management programs to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field. Some of the Best HR and talent management certification programs available in the market include from the reputed credentialing bodies like HRCI and SHRM for HR certification and ATD for learning and development management and Talent Management Institute for Talent Management certification.

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