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Traits of a Talented HR Professional

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In the current competitive and hostile business environment, human resources is an imperative function that can decide the destiny of a business. An organization can be as decent as its employees and who chooses these people?

They are the ones to identify the prospective employees of an organization through job portals, social networking sites for professionals and a plethora of sources and pinpoint the best ones out of them.

But, their responsibility doesn’t stop just there. From fixing the payroll to managing on boarding, HR people are involved in every step of an employee’s journey in a firm. So you think you are ready to take up this high-degree work?

If yes, then this article will guide you on how to enter the HR industry by describing all the basic traits that you must develop to prove yourself worthy of being an HR practitioner.

First things first, being a people person is not enough to enter the human resources sphere and reach up to the level of a leader. Unquestionably, it is one of the most essential qualities that someone working as an HR should have, but it is surely not the only attribute that is required.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, employees expect their HRs to be able to solve their problems and provide them with counseling when needed and this refers to the human part of the HR function. However, there is a lot beyond this.

hr professional

These days, workers wish to grow their knowledge and skills and not stick to the same position for years and they rely on the HR professionals to cater to this need by orchestrating on-the-job training. Similarly, there is a bunch of other HR qualities that are mentioned below:

Good communication skills:

Communicating is the number 1 duty of an HR professional and this is a task if performed well, can make you an HR leader very early in your career. It is believed that HR is the strong voice of a company that conveys its strengths and status to the whole world.

Moreover, they are supposed to help others perform their jobs better which cannot be done without owning, both oral and written communication skills. If you can’t describe your company’s culture through fine words, you cannot excel in this field.

Strategic thinking:

These days, human resources is not just an administration function, but also involves fabricating strategies for blending the goals of the company and its people. And, to enforce this understanding between the organization and employees, HR professionals are required to construct effective plans to build a workplace culture where everybody knows their role to play. Most people pursue certification for HR professionals to develop strategic thinking.

Technical knowledge:

Being tech-savvy is not just for marketing and finance workers. Though HR deals with the human side of a business, but that does mean that technology can’t help HR professionals to ease out their work. By gaining technical knowledge, human resources departments can conveniently adopt application tracking systems, apps used for time clock software to employee GPS tracking, along with Human Resources Information Systems that can smoothen the tasks in the hands of HR personnel.

Stay up-to-date:

You might be good at your job but that does mean you can’t be better. As they say, there is always scope for improvement, so keep acquiring knowledge about the HR discipline through certifications for HR professionals.

Become flexible and build a solid professional network that will enable you to reinvent yourself time to time by knowing the best HR practices.

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  1. Interpersonal communication, time keeping software apps, and strategic thinking skills can streamline the logistics of a business, and this post really highlights the positive impact that a highly functioning HR department can have on a company.

  2. This article really gives insight into the multi-faceted field of human resources. I especially agree that new technologies, like apps and information systems that aid in employee management, are more important than ever in the field. Great post!

  3. It’s so great for small business to have access to online time clocks so they can keep track of their employees! What a great tool for any business!

  4. I enjoy time software apps for my business. Scheduling and keeping track of employees can be one of the hardest things to keep track of and these programs make it so much simpler!


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