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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Education

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Ignoring technology in today’s age is not possible. Technology is all around us and we are surrounded by it.

Be it ordering food or searching for information or booking a cab, we are dependent on technology. The advancement of technology has largely influenced and upgraded the education system too.

Nowadays, students don’t really wait for someone who can answer their queries. All answers to their curiosity are just a search away.

This generation has grown up in the age of technology and lives in a world where the internet is the primary source of entertainment, education, and information.

They are going to witness many more advancements in technology and are going to receive many benefits of such innovations. The chalkboards and photostats have also become a thing of the past, as smart classes and online teaching have replaced traditional teaching methods.

Artificial intelligence and robotics, the two rapid advancements in technology have impacted every field including education. AI has created a powerful impact on both the lives of students and educational institutes as well.

The students are more prone to learning from online programs and sessions. The outbreak of coronavirus has also influenced and forced many educational organizations to provide online education to students.

How AI Can Help in Changing the Education System?

High technologies and inventions change the world in every aspect and education is no exception. Although AI hasn’t changed the education system a lot yet it is expected that AI will enter the education field shortly and completely transform the way it is today.

There are many ways technology can influence the education industry, making learning and knowledge more flexible and accessible. Here are some of the ways AI can influence the education system.

Providing aid to teachers:

Artificial Intelligence can aid teachers in administration tasks and can save them time. Apart from teaching, teachers have to spend a lot of time doing other administrative tasks such as checking papers, preparing lessons, assessing homework, etc.

So, if artificial intelligence is implemented in the education system, teachers would be able to devote most of their time to teaching their students than to any other administrative task. Thus, AI can reduce the administration workload on the teacher.

AI has the potential to assist teachers in various kinds of functioning. With AI, a teacher can develop a chatbot and can interact with the students effectively. The students may not even realize that they are assisted by a chatbot and not a human being.

Personalized Learning for Students:

The best way AI can impact the education system is by developing personalized teaching programs for students based on their needs. Individual learning systems can be made available to them through Artificial Intelligence.

One such initiative for personalized teaching is the ‘Thinkster Math’ application. It is a tutor app that blends a real math curriculum with a personalized style of teaching. The app uses machine learning and AI to visualize how a student is thinking as they work on a problem.

This allows the tutor to spot areas in the student’s thinking and assists them through personalized feedback. Such programs will influence the future of the education system.

Innovative Teaching Techniques:

Teachers are human. Even if they try their best, there will be a few things that they will lack and that may create a few mistakes or problems. With artificial intelligence, the chances of mistakes can be reduced to zero if it is programmed properly.

Artificial Intelligence can identify the gap in a teacher’s presentation or teaching material and can assist them. The AI-based system can also signal the teacher when many students submit an incorrect answer to an assignment.

One such technology that exists in today’s education system is “Coursera”. It is based on machine learning.

Every time a student gives a false answer, it signals the teacher and gives hints to other students who attend the same question and guides them to the correct answer. It ensures better performance for similar questions and tries to give instant feedback.

Effective Use of Smart Content:

Artificial intelligence with some new techniques is all that is required to ensure that all students attain their ultimate success. Content is an important subject in today’s education system.

Robots can create digital content of similar quality. AI systems are using traditional syllabi to create customized textbooks for certain subjects. New learning interfaces are being developed to aid students in their academics.

One such example is Cram101 which uses AI to make textbook content more understandable. The other example is Netex learning.

It allows teachers to design curriculums across various digital platforms. It allows teachers to create customized student content that can be published on any digital platform.

Facial Recognition in Schools:

Facial recognition may also come into play with more advancements in AI in schools. In China, many schools have begun to identify students through facial recognition thus eradicating the need for student IDs.

This feature can also determine various other features such as scanning of students sitting in class and determining whether they are paying attention or not.

Online Education Will Rapidly Grow:

Online education is more widespread now as we see schools providing online education to students due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Online education will continue to grow in the future. AI would remove all the boundaries of education.

AI-empowered online education can make high-quality education more accessible in all areas of the world. With new inventions, there will be a wider range of courses available on online platforms and students can learn from wherever they are.

Helpful to Students:

No matter how smart AI gets, it can’t replace humans. But it can provide a lot of assistance. The main advantage of an artificial tutor over a human tutor is that it can be available 24/7 and can give instant feedback and answers to students.

It can also be useful in reporting student’s progress thus saving the time spent on that task. AI cannot be used for things that involve imagination or creativity. But at the pace things are evolving, we may witness such advancement in future technologies.

Collaborative Learning:

AI can make the process of collaborative learning conflict-free and smooth. AI systems can analyze the student’s data. Using such data, the system pairs students based on their personality, strengths, interests, complementary skills, etc.

This way, AI can help you to create groups of people that can collaborate. This will reduce the time of analyzing such data and make collaborating learning easy and smooth. It will enhance the overall learning experience as a result.


We are surrounded by technology all around us. Today, we can gain knowledge, and learn anything without coming to a physical class or from any physical material.

All this can be done through smart devices. It is proof that AI technologies bring transformation to the education system. In the future, teachers will become coaches and controllers who will guide students in the right direction while AI will light the way.

The future will also witness the combination of AI with other technologies such as augmented reality where students will be able to look at the world and AI will teach them about it.

The future of AI will focus on self-directed learning. Students will be trained and influenced by personalized training.

With more AI-based systems, programs, and applications, we can make the education system more personalized, accessible, and flexible. We can transform the way people learn and teach. We have only described a few ways in which AI can shape the education system.

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