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These Tricks Will Lead to Stronger, Healthier Trees

Home Educational These Tricks Will Lead to Stronger, Healthier Trees

Trees have a lot to offer. They’re fun to climb in, can boost curb appeal, and help clean the air. With all they can do for us, it makes sense to ask what we can do to help them. After all, you want your trees to thrive and grow well, right? Here are some things you can do to help your trees grow strong and healthy.

Start the Right Way

If you’re planting a new tree, make sure you get yourself and your tree started off right. Planting a tree isn’t terribly difficult, but it does take some work. Keep in mind that timing matters when transplanting trees. If your timing isn’t right, you could end up with a dead tree, even if you do everything else right. To start, you need to make sure the hole is the right size in both width and depth. If the roots have begun to grow in the shape of the container, break them up before planting the tree to help them grow properly. Make sure you get rid of any air pockets. Mulch and water the new tree to help it get the water it needs.

Prune Your Branches

As your tree grows, you may find that branches occasionally need to be pruned and trimmed. Trimming branches can help remove dangerous diseases that can threaten your trees. It can also help promote healthy growth. If you notice dead branches, crowded growth on mature branches, or any rubbing branches, those should be removed. You can probably handle smaller branches yourself without too much trouble. It might be best to leave larger ones to professionals though.

Don’t Overdo It

Most of the time, trees do pretty well taking care of themselves once they’ve been established. This is especially the case for those native to the area. In this case, one of the best things you can do for your tree is not overdo it when it comes to care. Too much pruning, overwatering, and over fertilizing can do more harm than good. Instead, mulch it regularly and watch your tree for common tree diseases, parasitic insects, or mushroom growth on or around the tree.

Whether you have a well-established tree on your property already or you’re working on cultivating a new one, keeping your tree strong and healthy is important. Get started on the right foot when caring for your tree and prune the branches when needed. Don’t overdo it when it comes to caring for your tree. Use these suggestions to help your tree grow and thrive.

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