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Best GPS App to Download Before a Road Trip

HomeTechnologyBest GPS App to Download Before a Road Trip

The one lesson that every explorer gets from road trips is ‘never to take GPS navigation apps for granted.’ Google Maps undoubtedly provides the best service even on the data connection. However, there are many other GPS navigation apps, and some of them are really good. The competition is tough, but all these apps can help you find new driving routes, your live GPS position, the satellite view of the place, and many more.

GPS Satellite – Live Earth Maps & Voice Navigation app is one of the very rare GPS apps. The seamless features that set it apart are real-time navigation with updated traffic maps, subway maps, GPS compass, GPS speedometer, QR code, 3D map of the world’s famous places, area measurement tool STD codes to dial anywhere in the world. You can easily navigate yourself no matter whether you are in the USA or Australia. The app with accurate GPS coordinates will help you in making the right decision at the right time.  

The tempting features of this GPS route finder app may turn even a less ambitious person, into an avid explorer. More than five million installs show that this is not just an app, it’s a book that comes with different pages, and every page includes an intriguing tool to round out the traveling experience. With the ability to monitor the vehicle’s speed and traffic on the road, the best GPS app can get you where you are supposed to reach on time. It is obvious that by having the best route planner on your mobile, you can go from point A to B without getting lost.

Benefits of a GPS Navigation App

No more getting lost: One of the greatest fears that stop us from exploring is the fear of getting lost in unfamiliar places. But no more fear, because this app will not leave you alone in the wilderness or not even on the busiest highways of America. Get accurate info about your GPS location and view nearby places through satellite maps.

Get audible and visual directions: searching your destination’s direction through the map generally may not get you there at the right time, but searching by inputting an address or through voice notes can surely get you there at the right time. Turn-by-turn voice navigation plus visual directions can help drivers stay focused, which may help them stay on the right track.


Real-time traffic information: whether you live in America, first time visitor, or an avid traveler. It is always better to know what’s happening on the road before you plan a road trip. Those who experienced the slow traffic on Miami Highway and Houston Highway now realize that it is best to have a traffic map app before a road trip.

Subway maps: A fairly simple feature of the app that is accurate and up-to-date. It is the best way to get around America. The updated subway map shows every station, train route, and metro exit so that you always know where the journey ends.

Get accurate measurements: The area measurement feature not only helps drivers to know the distance between point A and point B but also helps businessmen, landowners, and builders to complete their various field projects.

Use this app for any outdoor activity: GPS apps are largely made for getting accurate directions, but many of the GPS apps allow users to monitor their outdoor activities. A built-in GPS compass cuts down the necessity of carrying a traditional compass while hiking or boating.  The speedometer not only monitors the vehicle’s speed but also shows directions with magnitude.

Planning a road trip to an area or a place you’ve never visited before can be a hassle. Using one of the best GPS route planner and route finder apps can aid you in reaching your destination quickly.

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