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Unique Bathroom Features That You Should Consider for Your Remodel

HomeEducationalUnique Bathroom Features That You Should Consider for Your Remodel

Bathroom remodels are one of the best times to get the unique features that you’ve wanted for years. When planning for your bathroom remodel, you should keep these three features in mind.

A Separate Tub

Having a separate shower and tub is a unique feature that will help upgrade your bathroom to the next level. Tubs are useful for more than just relaxing and finally using that bath bomb you bought five years ago. Baths are good for your health and are a way to lower your blood pressure and your blood sugar. Walk-in showers are ideal for people who may have pain in their joints or for older people who may have trouble climbing into a tub.


A vanity is a bathroom cabinet that has a mirror and a sink. It gives the facility to keep towels, tissue rolls, cleaning products in a compact space. You may prefer double vanity at bathrooms to enable the ease of handling the accessories while taking a comfortable bath. Vanities can be expensive to install and the cost depends on the materials that are used to built them.

A Bidet

Bidets are not only a unique feature, but they are a good way to stay clean. Using a bidet is more hygienic than toilet paper. Washing with a bidet keeps you and your hands cleaner by gently using water to clean away bacteria. People who use bidets tend to like them much more than regular toilet paper and say that they feel much cleaner and sanitary.

By having a bidet in your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about any toilet paper shortages like at the beginning of the pandemic. There are a few different types of bidets to choose from that all have different looks and ways to use them. A couple of these options are traditional stand-alone bidets (like they have in Europe or Asia), or smart bidet attachments that connect right onto the toilet. Smart bidet attachments are easy to use and preferred among many bidet users.

An LED Mirror

LED mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are more energy efficient and can also be anti-fog. LED mirrors are ideal for people who do their makeup often as it gives them a better lighting to see how the colors are blending. When you have good lighting in a room, it gives the illusion of more space and helps keep your mood elevated. When you’re getting ready for the day, you want to make sure that you are feeling your best, and an LED mirror can help with that.

Adding these three features to your bathroom during your next remodel will help upgrade your bathroom to the next level. Not only will these additions be enjoyable for you, but they will also up the selling price if you ever want to list your home.

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