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Reasons Why Businesses and Companies should Use Apache Spark

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Businesses and companies are growing by the day and the market is getting more competitive by the night. It is like a circle and to remain at the top in this rush to be ahead, data has become an important part.

Establishing a company or a business is not a matter of a day and neither is holding on to its performance and increasing it as the days go by to remain at the top in the field.

So, what helps a business or a company to grow and to prepare for future needs in this competitive state to ensure that its establishment is not threatened in any way by its contemporary counterparts? The answer is data. So, if you are wondering why to use Apache Spark and why it is the best platform then have look at the reasons below.

  • Well, other than maintaining performance and client services, a company also thrives on its data assets collected, arranged, and stored in a calculative manner by data scientists. And when we are talking about data here, it means the data is gigantic and will only grow with time. Data stored in a company refers to various things such as past performances of the company, issues faced by the company, relations established, data regarding other companies and competitors, and hence needs to be sorted perfectly and kept in order, apache Spark assists with this need very easily.
  • Apache Spark is an open-source technology and businesses and companies find it easy to do real-time streaming to detect patterns, do, computations, build-up network optimizations without having to switch back and forth between other such technologies.
  • Apache Spark works in a lightning-fast manner which further brings us the programmer and Data Scientists’ activities to the highest in a single day. The easy to work facilities offered by Apache Spark is another up which attract company data scientist to work in an easier and sorted out manner.
  • Apache Spark also offers a huge memory which is another essential aspect as company data is huge. Further, the tools in Apache Spark make it easier for companies to detect fraud, marketing patters, and scientific research patters, and graph making and machine-learning analytics are important for creating advanced forms of analytics for companies.
  • Apache Spark is also known for developing customized dashboards that are also interactive and attractive. The SQL analysis has been made easy using Apace Spark and also users can easily communicate with each other while using the open-source tool and it creates team bonding which increases the teamwork output and individual output together. The analytics are also shown visually which attracts informative and interactive sessions at the same time.
  • The libraries of data that have been created with the use of Apache Spark has a clear base with real-time analysis and computations and also keeps a watch on individual visits while identifying individual interests and then organizing with the help of smart algorithms accordingly.

So, if you own a company or a business and want a low-cost, low-maintenance, interactive, and real-time performing open-source data sorting and arranging tool with a huge memory then Apache Spark is the platform you should use.

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Niranjan Pande
Niranjan Pande
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