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5 Resources Debt Collection Agencies Can Use to Find a Debtor

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Most agencies who offer business debt collection services call or write to the debtors. Truthfully, the writing bit is old-fashioned. Since technologies have infiltrated the debt collection process, agents use social media, text messaging, and calling features to connect with the debtors regarding unpaid dues. But if you are someone who has made the mistake of thinking that collection agents have other choices but to keep calling you, this fact will come as a surprise. Debt collection agencies utilize different tactics to get hold of you if their calls or other communication gets ignored by you. So switching off your phone, blocking their number, or giving false hopes of calling them back won’t work for a long time. Since the legal authorities governing the working of these agencies have set rules and regulations for the collection of debt, you won’t find them harassing you. But they won’t leave any stone unturned to get in touch with you regarding debt payment.

Want to know how the commercial collection firm gets in contact with you? Read on below!

Primary Resources Debt Collection Agencies Use to Retrieve Old Debts

Credit Application Information

The original creditor to whom you owe the debt had your complete credit application information. When they hire the services of the best agency offering debt collection service to get back their stick revenue, forwarding your credit application information is one of the primary things to do. Once the agency gets hold of your information, even if you ignore them, they can still get in touch with a third-party listed on your application who may your private details like a bank, employer, credit references, or nearest living family member. Since it is easier for debt collections services providers to seek out these places, they will do it so that you make the payments as soon as possible.

Close Family or Friends

This is one of the oldest gimmicks of reputed debt collection agency in Houston. They have great networking of local people and can easily get information regarding your friends, immediate family, neighbors, ex or current spouses, live-in partners, etc., and pretend to pose as a relative or friend. This method has got several restrictions from the debt collection authorities so usually when the agency uses this method they are careful so as it doesn’t feel like harassment or a breach of privacy.

Phone Books

Phone directories, online or printed are authentic and valuable sources to get hold of anyone’s name, phone number, or address. Since it is common for the agency offering debt collection services to have your phone number they can find your address via a reverse directory. This reverse directory had phone numbers listed in numeric order rather than by name and makes it easy for agencies to get hold of you.

Social Media

If you have been ignoring the communications from agencies, it won’t be uncommon for them to find you on social media. It is easy for non-professionals too to find you. So don’t think for one moment that your presence is invisible on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It’s not wrong for you to feel like this is a sort of harassment as these sort of agencies have a bad rumor of being harsh and strict, but believe me, that’s not the case. All reputed collection agencies work on legal and ethical grounds. They are careful with the kind of communication they make online so that later no debtor can frame them in courts. So don’t be afraid of dealing with these officers online.

Utility Companies

This is not a usual easygoing process but if you continuously keep ignoring or blocking contact with the agencies they might be forced to use this method. An agent will be able to find you with your phone or electric company records. Usually, these records have another close person like a spouse or family member listed with authentic address information. So the agent might send notices to your location if you are not willing to address the debt issues via phone. 

If you think changing locations will help your case, rethink your decision! The electric and phone will have your new location too since the bill has to arrive via post or other online methods. From there the collection agent can easily get hold of you.

The best way to avoid all these hassles is to pay your dues back on time to agencies like┬áNelson Cooper & Ortiz.┬áDon’t worry about financial stresses. These agencies have great installment options that will help you pay your debts without worry lines on your forehead!

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