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5 Targeted Content Marketing Techniques to Hit the Bull’s Eye!

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Content marketing has always been the best friend of all types of online businesses for a long time now and, never has it ever disappointed a business owner. In today’s day and age, where everything is about entertainment, amusement, or a meme, the content serves as the basic need of both businesses and consumers. The idea of content marketing encourages business owners and organizations to create engaging posts such as images, blogs, videos, as well as website content, that not only tell your users about what you are trying to convey, but also provide them with something to remember such as a takeaway, or a funny joke, or a catchy hook, etc. These are not only included to make the content attractive, but they are also a reason for people to share it as whenever they see something that is awesome according to them, people have the urge to share it, and the more they share it, the more your reach becomes.

Easy right? Well, it is not that simple. You must be able to understand your product as well as your clientele inside out to ensure that your product reaches the person who needs it. Lately, you might have encountered that advertisements on your browser, YouTube, Facebook, etc. resemble either what you were talking about with a friend or what you were looking for on the internet, this is not a coincidence, in-fact some people want you to take a look at those ads, and they are none other than the brand owners themselves. Yes, that’s right, this is what targeted marketing is all about.

With everything in the world becoming customize-able and the ability to target a specific group of people according to their likes, interests, and consent ( thanks to Facebook and the one & only Mark Zuckerberg), traditional content marketing has now become more of targeted content marketing as brands are now more and more eager to create content according to their clientele. To define it traditionally, targeted content is content that is made specifically to capture someone’s attention. Targeted content marketing means catering to a certain group of people based on their interests to drive out a specific response from the user. If you are also a budding entrepreneur or a brand that is struggling to create an identity online, then read this article as we will discuss five techniques of targeted content marketing that can help you reach your goals. Ready to hit the bull’s eye? Let’s get started!

Create Your Custom Clientele Type

What if I were to tell you that I want to start a business of online education and do my assignment services for senior education? Instantly the first thought that hits my mind is I need to convince the students to spend some cash as they are the decision-makers. Now, what will happen if I will target people who have already completed their degrees or are currently working? All my efforts will go to waste! That is why it is important to create a custom clientele type.

When you are a new brand or a start-up, the first thing that you need to know is to understand what your clientele is. A lot of brands struggled in their early days as they tried to target the wrong group of people concerning their brand. It is a common mistake that is made by brand owners and businessmen as they are also new to this. Well if you are also one of those then don’t worry, here’s how to understand your type of clientele –

Classify your product users based on their age so that you can choose whether you need to target them directly ( Age>18), or you need to target their parents (Age<18). It is necessary to know what age group you want to target, as this will decide the direction of your content as well as the genre of it.

Another way to classify your clients is based on their paying capacity and risk-taking abilities. If you are a brand that deals in luxury products such as expensive perfumes or cars, you are looking for a person who has a good-paying capacity (good-paying capacity means that they earn more than they spend). The risk-taking factor refers to how a person can buy things without thinking twice about them.

Once you have determined the type of your clientele, it becomes easier for you to create content that can be used to target your specific customers. Knowing your clientele is the gold standard of marketing as it ensures that whatever you are trying to sell is landing in front of a potential buyer and not any random human being who has no clue about your product.

Stay Consistent With Your Content

Consistency is the key to success”, whoever gave this quote was talking literally and not figuratively. Being consistent in serving content, and keeping your content fresh and unique are the only ways to make a reputation. You see, targeted marketing is not a one-day job especially if you are planning to target people with the help of content. There are multiple patterns that a normal human being consumes content in, some like to read, while some like to watch, some might skip your ad without giving it a look while some will give you enough watch time to be counted as a lead.

The only way you can ensure that your strategy works is by remaining consistent in your way of posting, way of creating, and way of targeting. If you have decided to run ads on any sort of platform, make sure they show up every 2 hours to the user as it is important to consistently push your product toward your customer. Consistency also means that all your campaigns must have uniformity between them. You should not change your stand even if you change the concept of your content as it reflects badly on your reputation.

Keep Tracking your A/B Testings

A/B testing is one of the most commonly used techniques to keep track of what is working and what is not working. Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a way of analyzing the quality of content on two groups or two types of content on different groups of people. Keeping track of the results obtained and forming your targeted content marketing strategy based on these outcomes can help your brand to take the impact of your content from blah to perfect in no time. It is a known fact that no one can please everyone as every individual has a specific need, a specific taste, and a comfort zone that they don’t want to step out of. So what you can do is, give them what they ask for. Try some content on them and check how it works. if it works fine, good for you, if it doesn’t, swap your content with the other one to see whether that works or not. AB testing can really help you do wonders with your targeted content marketing, as this technique can easily provide you with insights that can be worth more than gold for your business.

Keep Your Content Engaging

An Engaging 2-minute trailer can serve better than a boring 2-hour movie, that is why a trailer is more important for a production house than the entire film as this trailer will be used to bring people into theaters. Similarly, there is no point in creating content that is not engaging so why go through a process of creation when there is no one even looking at it? Keep track of all the likes and dislikes of the people that you are targeting. Artificial intelligence has enabled all business leaders to understand human behavior by analyzing what they watch, eat, drink, etc. Try to create your content based on the preferences of your targeted group, as it will help you grab their attention in a better way.

Sticking to traditional ways of content marketing such as articles, and stories, is okay, but you should also adopt modern strategies and make your content relatable. Modern-day content marketing strategies such as micro-videos, stories, creatives, and online ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) can be very helpful for your brand to target your audiences more effectively as these are commonly used by today’s generation. Engaging content is the one that drives out a sense of requirement in your client. The requirement to know more, a requirement to understand what you are trying to convey, a requirement to buy your product. Keeping your content Engaging and relatable is the best that you can do to attract new clients and drive customers to your brand.

Capitalize on Topical

Topical Posts are those posts that originate due to the events that take place in our normal day-to-day life. It is one of the most interesting techniques of targeted content marketing as you don’t have to look for content on it, you just have to follow the trend. There are a lot of examples of topical posts that had a huge impact on the brand image and their social value that you can find on Twitter as well as other social media platforms. You need to understand that not everything is about selling a product, sometimes you need to establish a connection or an opinion about the ongoing situations of the world and how your brand reacts to them. It is obvious that to stay relevant you have to keep up with the trends and there is nothing better than capitalizing on topical posts and situations. You might also find some of your clients because of such posts.

Topical posts are highly encouraged in today’s scenario as people find them more useful than a promotional ad or content and when people find something important, funny, or engaging, they share it with others which results in increasing brand awareness. If you are looking for reach then make sure that you do not miss any opportunity to capitalize on them.

These were the five targeted content marketing techniques that can help you grow your brand at a faster pace and give you better results. Content marketing has been around for quite some time now and it’s time to take it up a notch with the help of targeted content marketing. Find your clientele and hit the bull’s eye by implementing the aforementioned techniques in your marketing campaign. Hope this helps your brand reach out to the masses. Good Luck!

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Petra Jany
Petra Jany is a digital marketing enthusiast and a content writer at Global Assignment Help. She also likes to create short videos in her free time and is an avid content creator.



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