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How to Maintain Your House in a Good Condition

HomeWellnessHow to Maintain Your House in a Good Condition

When it comes to owning a house, its condition is one of the top things that you have to consider. Property ownership entails a lot of responsibilities. Sure, you may have the most expensive and highest-value property in the market — but if it’s in worse condition than when you first purchased it, then it doesn’t mean anything.

A good and obvious reason for keeping your house in tip-top condition is to ensure that it remains to be a conducive living environment for all inhabitants. If you live with a family, some parts of your home may get grimier and dirtier more so than usual due to the activities that take place daily. For this reason, you want to keep the house looking neat for everyone.

Another thing — if you’re planning to sell your property in the future, then there’s no better time to maintain and improve its state, than now. Read on to learn more. 

Look for Damages

The first thing you’ll want to do before you start things off is to inspect every nook and cranny of your house for any signs of damage. You don’t need to be a professional inspector to get this job done because most of the time, you can solve certain issues all by yourself.

Inside your house, it’s best to check for signs of chipping, peeling, cracks, or breakages. Like all things, houses do experience wear and tear, so these minor issues are normal. However, addressing them as soon as you’re able can minimize the rate of damage.

If you have peeling wall paint, for example, then take this opportunity to scrape off the entire old paint and replace it with a fresh new set of coating. Or, you could also take the route of buying heavier-duty materials like wall tiles for a more decorative appeal. For other materials like concrete, make sure that all holes and cracks that you spot will be properly sealed off. This is done to prevent pesky house pests and insects from further deteriorating the home. 

Other damages like plumbing problems, burst pipes, or leakages might be too difficult for you to fix yourself, so it’s best to once again hire a certified technician to do this. Doing this ensures that your water supply remains uninterrupted and that your utility bills won’t skyrocket due to minor leaks. 

Get Rid of Dust

In old, dilapidated houses, one of the first things that you’ll likely notice is the huge build-up of dust in every corner. You certainly don’t want your house to end up this way, so it’s best if you conduct a regular vacuuming schedule for the different areas in it.

It’s advised that your house be vacuumed at least 2 times a week. This is the most effective rate of getting rid of harmful and potentially toxic dust that may cause several respiratory health issues for any occupants.

Start by vacuuming commonly used areas, like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or recreational spaces. If you have carpeted floors, make sure that you pay closer attention to them, as they can be more prone to invisible particles that may spread airborne.

A great tip is to clean out your vacuum dust container once you’re done with the task. In this way, all the dirt that you’ve gathered won’t pile up for your next cleaning schedule. 

Inspect Electrical Devices

More often than not, homeowners just tend to ignore problems unless they’re urgent. Problems like electrical issues or broken equipment are oftentimes put off for another day until no one does something about it.

As much as possible, you’ll want to devote time where you can inspect all the electrical devices and systems present in the home. Watch out for blinking bulbs, exposed electrical wiring, or plugged extension cords that no longer work. 

Blinking bulbs is more of an inconvenience, but without addressing this problem, it may lead to visibility issues and other problems due to low lighting conditions. Faulty wiring and broken extension cords, on the other hand, maybe hotspots for fire — it’s best to have them replaced soon with the assistance of a professional. 

Hire Pest Control Services

Pests are not only annoying, but they also create damage to certain parts of your home, especially in areas where wooden objects and structures are present. Some prime examples are termites, which eat away at all the wooden structures of your house and will make them brittle over time. 

Aside from termites, pest control services may also help get rid of other bugs and insects like cockroaches, ants, or even rats. Your house would be subject to an inspection. The technician will determine the best course of action to take, depending on the severity of the condition.

Having your home inspected and treated more consistently — on a bi-monthly, quarterly, or tri-monthly basis — is ideal for making sure your home is in order.

10 easy ways to maintain your home in better condition

Maintaining your home in good condition can help prevent major issues and enhance its longevity. Here are ten easy ways to keep your home well-maintained:

  1. Regular Cleaning Routine:
    • Tip: Implement a consistent cleaning schedule for different areas of your home. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime, improving overall hygiene.
  2. Inspect and Repair Leaks Promptly:
    • Tip: Regularly check for leaks in faucets, pipes, and the roof. Address any leaks promptly to prevent water damage, mold growth, and other related issues.
  3. Check and Change HVAC Filters:
    • Tip: Replace or clean HVAC filters regularly. This not only improves indoor air quality but also helps your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently.
  4. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
    • Tip: Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. Replace batteries at least once a year to ensure they function correctly in case of an emergency.
  5. Maintain Gutters and Downspouts:
    • Tip: Clean gutters regularly to prevent clogs and ensure proper water drainage. Check that downspouts direct water away from the foundation to avoid water damage.
  6. Seal Windows and Doors:
    • Tip: Inspect window and door seals for gaps. Use weatherstripping or caulk to seal any openings, improving energy efficiency and preventing drafts.
  7. Trim Trees and Bushes:
    • Tip: Regularly trim trees and bushes around your home. This prevents branches from damaging the roof or siding during storms and helps maintain a well-groomed appearance.
  8. Check and Service Appliances:
    • Tip: Schedule regular maintenance for appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and HVAC system. Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning and servicing to extend their lifespan.
  9. Inspect and Clean Chimney and Fireplace:
    • Tip: If you have a fireplace, schedule an annual inspection and cleaning to remove creosote buildup. Ensure the chimney cap is in good condition to prevent animals from entering.
  10. Organize and Declutter:
    • Tip: Regularly declutter and organize your living spaces. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also makes it easier to identify and address maintenance issues.

Remember, consistent and proactive maintenance is key to preserving the value and comfort of your home. By incorporating these easy practices into your routine, you can prevent potential problems and ensure that your home remains in better condition over time.

Key Takeaway

The condition of your house should be maintained or improved throughout your stay in it. As mentioned before, a well-built home is just as good as how often the homeowner meets their responsibilities of maintaining it. Homes in good condition create a safe environment for the occupants, more than just increasing its value in the future.

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