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Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

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2020 wasn’t the year of fashion. While there might have been some notable trends, most of us can agree that we did not fully get to enjoy them by flaunting them while we were cooped up in our homes. While we cannot predict what 2021 will bring, new trends are already knocking on our door with a fresh approach. So, say goodbye to your sweatpants and PJs, because here are the most exciting ones you won’t want to miss out on!

The color of the year

You have probably already read about Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021, but in case you’ve missed the memo, this year, the yellow is in! The shade called Illuminating has been chosen as one of the winners, and we will certainly see this shade everywhere, both in the fashion world and in interior design. This lively shade of yellow might not be for everyone, but you can still rock this color by picking up a few accessories that will add some freshness to your outfit. A pair of pumps, a handbag, or even a scarf will make a fashion statement. You can even combine it with Ultimate Gray – the other member of the duo chosen by Pantone.

The comeback of sleeves

The 80s have found their way back into fashion in a number of ways recently. High-waisted pants and shoulder pads are just some of the examples. This year, it’s their iconic sleeves that we are going to see everywhere. Tops, dresses, and even sweaters and shirts are featuring these voluminous sleeves, so if you like this trend, you can wear it all year long. Your generic (and a little bit too extravagant) 80s puffy sleeves are gaining a new twist though – they are becoming more delicate. For example, dresses featuring subtle lace balloon sleeves are going to be a big thing this year. You might even spot wedding dresses that take advantage of this rising trend.

Fashionable masks

Since masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately, why not make them fashionable? This is what some designers were thinking, too. Don’t let your outfit be ruined by ugly disposable masks but invest in a few cute and high-quality pieces that are going to make a statement. Wearing a reusable mask is also better for the environment, so splurging on a couple of trendy ones should not make you feel guilty! If you are not a fan of patterns, of course, black face masks are still the chicest option out there.

The strong shoulders are staying

We just mentioned shoulder pads briefly – they had a comeback around 2019, but the truth is that they are still going to be in style in 2021. And it’s not only blazers that are going to include them. You can also go for a powerful but casual look with a padded shoulder sleeveless tee. You can create an extraordinary silhouette with the right combination. 

Pants all the way

We cannot argue that a good pair of pants are not only comfortable but they also make a powerful statement. In 2021, we will see a variety of models that are going to be a joy to mix and match in all possible styles. From oversized, baggy pants that sit low on the waist, reminding us of the early 2000s, through exciting patterns all the way to comfortable knitted bottoms (yes, it’s a thing), you will be able to find a pair for any occasion. Get a classic pair of high-waisted cigarette pants and add a blazer with a prominent shoulder and you’ve got your business casual ensemble with a fashionable twist!

Vibrant hot pink

As we could already see on the runways, pink is coming back into fashion – and not just any pink, but the most vibrant hot pink you can think of! This color is for those who want attention. Any piece of clothing flaunting this color will immediately become the focal point of your ensemble. If you are a little bit afraid of this shade, of course, you can also use bubblegum pink and other, lighter shades to bring some happiness into your outfit.

Comfortable knit

You might have been surprised when we mentioned knit pants, but the truth is that knitwear is going to be ubiquitous in 2021. Warm, soft, and comfortable – it’s everything you want from loungewear. But besides loungewear, ribbed fabrics are going to penetrate other areas as well. For instance, knit dresses (even knit maxi dresses) will allow you to stay cozy while also being elegant.

Bralettes and crop tops

Ever since their appearance, it feels like crop tops have always been in style. This year, bralettes, in particular, are going to be very fashionable. Considering all the high-waisted trends, this is not surprising at all. Wear your bralette with a super high-waisted skirt or pair of pants and show a little bit of skin for a sexy but understated look. Don’t forget, though, that bralettes are not only for casual wear. A chic bralette can be paired with a blazer and a pencil skirt for an, especially sophisticated look!

Sheer and light fabrics

Warm days are not too far away, and when they arrive, you can flaunt one of the top 2021 trends, which is sheer fabrics. Not only are they amazing for hot weather, but they also lend you an extraordinarily graceful and delicate appearance. You can wear sheer dresses or tunics and feel like a goddess, or you can even opt for a sheer top to wear over your bralette. For a special occasion, go for a ruffled dress made of layers and layers of light materials!


From casual high-waisted pants and knit dresses to opulent ruffles and eye-catching balloon sleeves, there is so much to look forward to in 2021. So, it’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and greet the new year and all the new trends that are going to make it memorable!

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