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7 Tips For Buying Your First Pieces From Online Art Galleries

HomeWellness7 Tips For Buying Your First Pieces From Online Art Galleries

Undoubtedly, the rapidly expanding online art market has made art more accessible and affordable. However, with so much to choose from, the process of buying from online art galleries can be challenging. And if you don’t come from a family of art collectors and have no prior experience of buying art, acquiring the first pieces of art can become all the more intimidating. So where do you start?

To help you navigate and choose the right piece of art from this unpredictable and vast market, we have put together the top 7 tips from experts.

1. Do Your Research

The first and foremost step to purchasing art is to look and look and look! The online art market has made this easy and fun. Take a virtual tour of museums and online art galleries, follow artists on Instagram, participate in e-auctions, or go with a friend to exhibitions, art fairs, openings. This will help you learn what you like and to trust your tastes.

Also, research about artists, their background, inspiration, and their story. There is something unusually special about knowing more about an artist whose work you are considering to buy. A few minutes of research even online can create a sense of intimacy with the artist as well as his creation which really adds a touch of magic when choosing, hanging, and showing off your new acquisition.

2. Take Your Time To Make Choice

Though the rise of several online art galleries has made the purchase super speedy, browsing the artworks, reading up on featured artists requires a lot of time and effort. Don’t hesitate to take your time to review the artwork twice or even thrice before making the final selection suiting your style. So brew your favorite tea, talk it over with your spouse, friends or go for a stroll whilst making your purchase decision.

3. Don’t Forget Your Interior Decor

Indeed, art is a great way to add that extra personality and character to your space. But it’s important to take into account your current decor while exploring the collections of online art galleries. If you are looking to spruce up a boring neutral room, a bold graphic print will be a good purchase infusing sparkle instantly. Similarly, for a colorful decor setting, opt for a neutral art that ties the room together.

However, don’t stick to these rules always, bear in mind that your art will likely outlast the current styling and decorating scheme of your home, so if you fall in love with something unexpected, just go for it. Sometimes a contemporary painting can really shine in a period interior, and a more traditional portrait can emanate quirkiness to a modern room. Don’t hesitate to get creative, consider unusual ways to shake up your choice, opt for a piece that ties to the room’s color scheme, or buy a clash with the existing furniture.

4. Take Note Of The Available Space

Whilst purchasing art is an imaginative and creative process, it’s worth keeping some practical considerations in mind. How much wall space you have available? What other existing artworks might impact the work? Is the ceiling low in height? How lighted is the room? These questions may seem simple but are crucial while deciding on a new piece of art. A bright abstract painting perhaps may end up becoming a distraction in the quiet corner of your working space. Likewise, a delicate print brought from an online art gallery may be lost in your busy hallway, so it is always better to consider the practicalities of the space you are looking to fill.

5. Ask Questions

Indulging in online art purchases doesn’t mean that you can’t take the advantage of expert advice. Almost every online art gallery has a customer service team available that has plenty of insight on artists and artwork, and offer tips to help with your purchase. And you can always approach them with any burning questions.

Connecting with the art experts on these galleries will not only help you make an informed decision but might even reveal some top trade secrets!

6. Don’t Take It Personally

Some of the higher-end online galleries can be snooty and may not treat you too well assuming you are not a serious buyer. Even some leading dealers prefer to place their holdings with only established ar collectors so as to protect the works’ pedigree, so even if you can afford a major artwork, they may not want to sell it to you. Don’t sweat it, just relax and move on to more welcoming galleries that would greet you with open arms.

7. Follow Your Heart

Though we have outlined so many tips and ideas for buying art online, it all really boils down to, just how much you love and admire the artwork you are considering buying. It’s not always about the value of art, but what moves you, so if you simply can’t live without it, then just go for it, and don’t look back!

Remember that you don’t need to be an expert or a squillionaire to enjoy a home filled with stunning artworks. It’s all about going with your instincts and buying art that brings you a lot of joy every day.

Wrap Up

No wonder choosing your first pieces of art can be intimidating, so like any purchasing decision, always take the time to do your research. Visit exhibitions, art fairs, openings, and indulge in exploring online art as well as in reading to become familiar with different art movements, mediums, and trends. Don’t forget that becoming a seasoned art collector is a time-intensive process, however, our top tips will certainly equip you with the right knowledge and give you that extra confidence to hunt for new artworks to fill your walls with.

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