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5 Proven Benefits of Living the Country Life

HomeWellness5 Proven Benefits of Living the Country Life

Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life can be beneficial in many ways. People will often escape to their cottages or summer houses during the summer months or whenever they have a free weekend. Imagine that type of laid back lifestyle was available every day. Living the country life isn’t so secluded, yet it has many advantages overall. Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to the countryside, you can expect various benefits from this change.

Living the Country Life

Country living is much different from living in the city. Many people truly realize the benefits of living in the country once they move away from their hectic daily schedule.

One of the first benefits of living in the country is the air. The further away from the city you go, the cleaner and fresher the air becomes. The exhaust fumes from city traffic can become harmful over time, and we often forget its effects on our health when we’re in the city all the time. Therefore, moving to a place with more trees and nature everywhere will bring much better air quality.

Next on the list is overall safety. Crimes such as theft, robbery, or aggravated assault happen less often than in the city. We aren’t guaranteeing a crimeless area, as crime can occur anywhere at any time. However, there is a much smaller percentage of it for sure.

Country Lifestyle

Cities have always been a lot more expensive to live in. With the prices rising within the real estate market, it’s becoming tougher to maintain and cover monthly expenses when living in the city. Meanwhile, this is where another proven benefit becomes the highlight of living the country life.

The suburbs are much more affordable, and the more rural you go, the cheaper it gets. In addition, this affordability comes with a lot more space. In the country, your housing will be much less expensive but also a lot bigger. Hence, a better value for your dollar. Moreover, other expenses such as groceries, transportation, and healthcare will also be more affordable, enabling you to save a lot more money over time.

Surrounded by Nature

Alongside the affordability, cleaner air, and less crime, living the country life gives you a lot more exposure to nature and the outside. There is something very serene and peaceful when you are surrounded by a lot of greenery. Moving from the city to this type of atmosphere will definitely improve your quality of life and overall peace of mind.

Some ducks on the banks of a lake.
More affordable housing means you can get a larger space than you had in the city. A backyard for gardening and growing your own fruits and veggies is a big plus!

As we mentioned, you get much more living space in the country for a lot less money. Therefore, expect to have a big backyard where you can stay active and spend most of your time. You can also get into gardening and planting fruits and vegetables. You will not only save money but also enjoy eating something you grew yourself.

Overall, being in nature improves your mental health. The peace and quiet allow you to think more and connect with yourself. Sometimes, people get more creative or discover parts of them they weren’t aware of before. Therefore, step outside, take a deep breath, and relax within your surroundings.

Family Time

Life in the city can quickly become overwhelming. With busy work schedules, we barely have time to stop and think, let alone spend quality time with our family. Moving away and living the country life will open up that busy schedule, and you can have more time to spend with your family.

A beautifully set table.
Enjoy quality time with your family and friends! With more free time and less work-related stress, you can entertain and connect with people more.

In case you are planning to raise your kids there, or you already have kids, the country is a great place to keep them active. They will benefit a lot from spending their childhood in nature and getting to do fun stuff like hiking, sports, or even having pets!

From Loud to Peaceful

Getting to unwind after a busy day at work is something we all look forward to at the end of the day. Imagine you get to do this in a big yard, surrounded by nature, clean air, and silence. No traffic sounds or next-door neighbors being loud. Living in the country is about enjoying more of your day and stressing less.

As we evaluated above, benefits such as cleaner air, affordability, more nature, less crime, and more family time are only a few of the many benefits of living in the country. Being able to leave the city and find a new home in a more rural area will genuinely benefit you and those around you.

All in all, it would be a good investment as well while you can also save much more money than you would have in the city. Perhaps it’s time to swap that morning espresso shot with a nice cold glass of wine in the afternoon and enjoy everything the countryside has to offer.

Start the Preparations on Time

Deciding to leave an urban environment and live the country life can be a significant change. Before you make this critical decision, we recommend having a plan to guide you. In addition, it would be efficient to put together a relocation plan well ahead of moving. For example, if looking for a home far away from the city and you have a lengthy timeline, start planning and preparing months ahead. This way, you can ensure that you cover all the necessary aspects, like finding housing and employment, while also keeping your stress levels low. Things become much more straightforward when organized, and you are clear on what needs to be done.

A person writing on a piece of paper.
Organize your move by relying on a good plan. Put together some guidelines that will simplify the process of relocating, while maintaining efficiency.

All of these benefits of living the country life should inspire you to make the transition as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe you even discover your dream home while house hunting! Good luck!

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Clementine Gray
Clementine Gray is a blogger by trade and a traveler by passion. She enjoys escaping city life from time to time and visiting her grandparents in the country. When she isn't working, Clementine loves going on hikes with her two dogs and babysitting her niece and nephew.


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