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How to Make Your Video Game Career a Reality

HomeEducationalHow to Make Your Video Game Career a Reality

Turning your passion for video games into a career can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. To get started on making your video game career into a reality, you should apply to a good program, build your portfolio, and build your programming skills. As with any goal, it will take hard work and dedication.

Apply to a Good Program

You don’t necessarily need to obtain a university degree, but it will help if you also have the skills to go with your degree. Applying to a good program will help you get both the diploma and the necessary skills. A degree in software engineering or computer science can help to elevate you above other applicants in the gaming industry. Networking is another important piece which you can also begin to do while you are pursuing your education.

Build Your Portfolio

Your portfolio will be an essential piece for you to break into the gaming industry. Your education, while important, won’t mean as much if you don’t have the skills. Your future employer wants evidence to show that you have the skills necessary for the job, because they are very selective of who they hire. They want to see that you can create games before they hire you. You can design things like a level of a game to add to your portfolio. 3D assets help make your game a reality and cut down on the work you have to do.

Programming Skills

The most important skill you can have for your career in video games is programming skills, which don’t have to come directly from designing games. While you are completing a program, you should aim to do an internship with a company to help build these skills. You can get an internship with companies as a C++ or Java/C# programmer. These qualifications will look great on your resume and will look better than if you work at a game company in a role that doesn’t involve programming. To get internships you will want to be building your portfolio to show the companies with whom you apply.

The video game industry is competitive. Making sure you have the right qualifications and skills will be the most important thing you can do. It will take some time, so be patient and keep working hard until your dream becomes a reality.

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