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Tips for getting started with American Truck Simulator

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If you are a passionate gamer and want to take this to the next level, then you have to begin from somewhere. For the ease of the newcomers, let’s start with the driving set up for the American Truck Simulator. Here, we have assembled a proper guide to help you in better understanding about american truck simulator controls.

What is an American Truck Simulator?

American Truck Simulator is a truck driving setup which has some management elements of business. The game allows players to get most amount of money and experience targets, the payload must be reached to the location in the given time with less damage to the items. They drive their own loaded trucks and deliver the loads to a given location and in return compensated with experience targets and money.

Follow the Rules of the Road

There are some rules on the road which you have to follow;

Always keep check on the speed limit (it’s always on your navigation screen) because on high speed, you will get a fine. Moreover, do make sure that the headlights are on if other vehicles have theirs on, especially in rain otherwise you will again get a fine.

Don’t forget to give a sign, while exchanging lanes, so the traffic AI sees your signals and got an idea that you are planning to turn or going into their way.  Try the best not to crash into other vehicles, that will damage your truck and items and moreover, you will get a fine.

If the red lights on, you can only turn right if there is no sign of “no right turns on red” otherwise there is always a discrete turning signal. If you are taking a turn on a one-way street from right to left, then you can take a left turn on red.

How to Choose the Best Safe Parking Option?

Parking is bit hard for new ones, especially when a huge trailer is hooked with your truck. In American truck simulator, there are three ways through which you can park;

Hard: Only experienced drivers can go through it and at times you drive the trailer to very small places and that’s not easy, but you will get rewarded with much experience points.

Normal: This is not that hard, all you need to do is to drive the truck to the marked location but you don’t get much experience.

Easy: If you don’t know how to park or you don’t have time for it you can choose the option of the virtual driver and that will park for you. But you will not get rewarded with any experience after selecting this option.

What is the Cruise Control Benefits?

You can protect yourself from over speeding by using cruise control, which is an amazing feature. You can use this by getting your truck close to the speed limit, and then press the “C” icon to shift into the cruise control. Your truck will remain running at the identical speed until you push the brake.

Use Your Skill Points

You will get rewarded by experience points for completing your work on time or before time and for delivering the goods on the given location with no damage and for parking too. After this you will gain XP, level up and also get points through which you can unlock special capacities/skills, due to which you can have more money per task and will gain more XP.

Should we Worry about Gas or Sleep on Quick Jobs?

You have just seen the gas and sleep options on your navigation screens, but you don’t have to use them or worry about them if you are doing quick jobs/positions. Because quick jobs/positions are done in a short time, so you have a lot of time to rest and gas after completing the job without stopping. Unless you got into an accident or you got lost on the way.

What to Do, When You Want To Rest/Sleep?

If you want to sleep or take a rest, check that how much time is left by checking your course menu. Press F6 and look at the following “rest stop in” so you have an idea that how much time is left until you need to rest. When you got your own truck and doing your own tasks then do sleep between or during your jobs.

If you want to sleep search for the bed icon on the guide then go to the parking space, you will have to press E to off your engine and then “Enter” to go to sleep.

How to Discover New Roads?

While driving do check your GPS, if you reached any district where you have never come before then you will see that the roads are of grey color on your GPS and when you drive down them, they will be yellow. The same roads can be seen on the menu map. The one who wants to cover 100% of the game, this is an awesome tip for them.

Keep Check on Your Surroundings

Just like you stay aware of your surroundings in real-life driving, same like that you have to stay aware in the game. Some of the routes or highway exits are same alike and confusing, so check your map whenever you are taking a turn in advance. Moreover, keep a check on sudden traffic, turns, accidents, road closures and road work. All these things can put an impact on your trip.

If You Get Lost or Stuck, What to do?

If you get lost, no need to worry, the GPS will automatically show you the right path. Moreover, if you get into an accident, make a call to assistance services. These services will cost fee and plus take some of the time of your job, although they will help you locate the nearest truck fixing place and then you can continue your job.

GPS (Global Positioning System) – Uses

This is used more when you got your own truck and can free drive, but GPS is not used only for getting from one place then to the other. This is used when you reached a district, you have not discovered.

You can mark/plot anything on the map by just dropping pins. Driving from a seller in Las Angeles to Vegas? Just drop the pins in the map and then your GPS show you the way.


Driving a truck simulator gives the experience of driving a huge apparatus. You are the driver in this game, so you learn about steering, parking, shifting, stacking, unloading, and stopping. These things are the same as driving a major truck. These things guide you to make out the Best American Truck Test System.

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