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Free Google Course Vs Paid Netflix Subscription: What Should Today’s Generation Prefer?

Home Educational Free Google Course Vs Paid Netflix Subscription: What Should Today's Generation Prefer?

In the current times, where technology has advanced to a large extent, the internet has been the ultimate solution to every problem for today’s generation. Having said that, from education to entertainment, name anything, and you get it just with few clicks.

If the same question is asked to you that would you prefer a free Google course or a Netflix subscription? Yes, the answer is known to everybody. It is not just you, but a human tendency to prefer entertainment above studying.

But did you ever wonder that Google would offer free courses? No, well, nobody thought of it since they offered, were you the part of its learning? No, then the answer is right in front of you. Not only digital courses but from various other streams as well, introduced by them for free of cost. All you needed is to get enrolled and get on the path of learning.

However, Netflix, an entertainment platform where you get huge options of series, shows, or movies, etc., to watch and distract your mind from all the troubles of the world. With the same, on contrary with the above section, Netflix has a paid subscription to get the advantage of the same, which clearly states that even entertainment comes with a price tag; however, learning is free today.

What do you think, is this about the money? Of course not, it is about the time which is very essential in a student or any individual’s life, which mark my words, is not coming back again. And all left with you is regret with the thoughts that you must have done something in that span of time.

Now, when you have entered the world full of competition, it is important to make the right decisions because all it matters is a better future to have all the leisure you have ever dreamt of.

To have a clear picture, let us understand the points that attract you to a Google course or the entertainment of Netflix:

Free Google Courses-

  • Communication: Getting enrolled in a course will help in building a connection with the experts to make you learn about the stream you have chosen.
  • Documentation: Getting a certificate and adding it to your documents is the additional perk that you can get after enrolling in Google courses. The brand Google on a certificate is enough to create an impression.
  • Learning: Since the course helps in gaining knowledge, the learning or the same comes from within. The individual gets to understand the course at an in-depth level which strengthens his learning and hence allow him to stand out from the crowd.
  • Skill Development: Not only you learn after getting enrolled in the course, but there comes other skills with it as well; some of them are communication, listening, empathy, technical, time management, etc. These skills will help in growth and prepare to step with confidence in the ‘real world.’
  • Time Utilization: Time is the key for every individual that once gone, doesn’t return back. Therefore, taking a course and learning is far better in making you a well-grown and managing individual.
  • Career Preparation: An enrolment with Google course takes you one step closer to the path of achieving your career goals. The course also provides the certification that helps in maintaining a record of the learning as well as give a skill batch to showcase your ability to perform better in the ‘real world.’

Paid Netflix Subscription-

  • Get Entertainment: After getting a paid Netflix subscription, you get access to watch movies and series available on the platform. This has been a boost in today’s generation since it provides entertainment every individual wants to get rejuvenated after a hectic schedule.
  • Binge-watch: The trend or probably a habit of binge-watching series will definitely help Netflix make a lot of money, but is it doing you a favour? Definitely not, instead wastage of hours and hours indeed.
  • Way of Distraction: A source of distraction is required by every individual in order to refresh the day. But today’s generation has added this in their daily routine, which is not good if seen from a future perspective.

The above are some of the points that when you hear Free Google Course and Paid Netflix Subscription comes to an individual’s mind. This will help in making the right decision for your future endeavours to choose the distraction by getting a Netflix paid subscription or develop skills by enrolling yourself into Free Google Courses. 

We’ve established that choosing the right thing can be very difficult sometimes but choosing it at the right time is very important. Since you have read and known all the aspects yourself, it is now your decision that matters to take you on the heights of enjoying leisure or struggle for life.

The Right Time is Now! Choose Wisely!

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