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From Alkaline to Rechargeable: A Complete Guide to AAA Battery

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Your newly ordered table clock needs batteries, so you went to the market and purchased some. After returning, you realize that the ones you got were AA batteries, whereas the clock requires AAA batteries. Did this small incident make you wonder what the difference between these two batteries is? How is the AAA battery different from AA? Which is the best option among rechargeable AA batteries and non-rechargeable AAA batteries? How can one differentiate them with just a glance? Have you ever tried to find something about it? If your answer is yes, and you didn’t get any relevant information, then you’ll get all the answers here.

Further, we’ll also give you an understanding of batteries that will be beneficial in your day-to-day life. Before getting deep into the discussion, let us have a look at the points that we’ll be discussing in this article.

A quick walkthrough of what we’ll be discussing today!

  • Difference between AA and AAA batteries
  • Types of batteries available in the market
  • Normal jargon used in the context of batteries

So, let’s get started!

Difference between AA and AAA batteries

Out of the many differences, the two most tangible are size and power requirements that differentiate the two battery types. These two parameters are of great importance as manufacturers build their products according to them. So, whenever you’re planning to buy batteries, make sure you’ve checked these two parameters to buy the right batteries for your devices. 

Battery Size 

The number of A’s in a battery’s name represents its dimensions. AAA projects that the battery is small in size and has a lower diameter, whereas AA batteries are large compared to AAA batteries. Hence, if you have a device that needs a battery but does not have specifications regarding its battery requirements, then look at the empty slots for filling the battery. The amount of space given will surely tell you a lot about what type of battery will go into it. 

Power Requirement 

One of the other notable differences is the power requirement. AA batteries are ideal for high power consumption devices such as flashlights, hearing aids, remote-controlled toys, etc. On the other hand, AAA batteries are the perfect choice for devices that consume less power, for example, clocks, remote controllers, etc. 

There are a lot more factors that differentiate the two batteries and their applications. Are you interested to know more about which battery to use when and where? If yes, then read here. Now, let us talk about the types of batteries available in the market. 

Types of Batteries

Batteries are everywhere, from toys to smartphones and electric vehicles- almost all electronic devices rely on batteries for uninterrupted operations. Below the three main categories in which batteries are further classified read about them to increase your knowledge base and get the batteries according to the requirement. 

Alkaline Type

These are some of the most popular types of batteries as they possess a longer lifespan than others. These batteries are easily recyclable, making them a reliable choice when the world is concerned because of the rising e-waste concerns.

Rechargeable Type

As the name suggests, these are rechargeable batteries that can be charged multiple times according to the requirements and are better in many ways than those that use and throw batteries. All you need is a charger to use these batteries again and again.  

Lithium-ion Type

It’s a rechargeable type of battery used in phones, laptops, and other electronic devices, primarily for storing energy. Due to their high cost and environmental impacts, alternatives for these batteries are still being researched. 

The work done in finding new technologies to produce more sustainable batteries is broad, and it’s not possible to include all of them in the above list. But the ones that are present today impact the energy world in highly optimistic ways.

Normal jargon used in the context of Batteries

The only way to get the best AAA battery for yourself, or any other type of battery, is when you understand the lingo of the battery world. Given below are some terms that you should know while buying your next pack. Read them for a better understanding. 

Heavy Duty Battery

A battery that lasts longer than others is called heavy duty. The word ‘heavy duty’ implies that the battery is built to perform better than the standards and will surely exceed all your expectations. 


Once you have put the battery in a device, it will discharge small amounts of current, even when you are not using the equipment. This process is known as self-discharge, which might lead to shortening your battery’s life. Therefore, it is advised to remove the batteries when not in use and store them at room temperatures or lower ones in humid weather to avoid such dispensation of charge. These days, there are rechargeable batteries available in the market such as Smartcell AA and AAA batteries that do not discharge when not in use, you can try them as well. 


Many people use cell and battery as interchangeable terms, which is not correct. While cells convert other types of energies like chemical, heat, and others to generate electrical energy, the batteries already have this electrical energy stored in them for delivery. 

Ending Note

Now that you have finally become well-versed with the differences and vernacular of the battery world, you won’t have any problems the next time you are visiting the store or any e-commerce site for buying an AA, AAA battery, or any other battery. Whether you want non-rechargeable alkaline batteries or rechargeable one along with chargers, Smartcell offers a plethora of proficient energy devices that are perceptively sustainable and available at affordable prices. Do check our product list to find batteries that fit best with your requirements. 

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