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7 Popular Twilio alternatives that you can choose for your business

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Given the present virtual times, an efficient communication system is the key to winning your customers’ trust. Almost all businesses are investing their efforts towards building a robust communication platform. Hence, the popularity of communication APIs and SDKs has also been rising. Twilio is the one of the most sought-after APIs that businesses have been looking forward to leverage. However, it cannot be denied that every business is unique and so is the business requirement. Have you been planning to utilize a communication API for developing your chat platform? Well, there are various third-party API providers that you can choose for your business needs. It is not the case that only Twilio can fulfil your requirements. It is essential to study the benefits offered by other API providers as well. Wondering which twilio alternative can work best for you. Don’t worry! In this article, we shall discuss some of the most popular communication API providers that you can select for yourself. Stay with us and read on. 

Why do you require a Twilio SDK alternative? 

Twilio has been helping businesses maximize their communication efficiency for a very long time.  It is one of the top performing communication API. But is it mandatory to choose it for building your  business communication platform? Absolutely not! As discussed earlier, every business has its own unique essence and requirements. Hence, it might be a possibility that the chat features you look forward to including in your platform may be available with some other API provider. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top API providers as we proceed further. 

Best 7 options to select a Twilio chat alternative

1.CONTUS MirrorFly 

#1 rated enterprise communication solution that has successfully facilitated 1.8M+ conversations across the globe.  With ironclad security and privacy standards, MirrorFly can be your go to chat API solution.  It is a self-hosted chat solution that helps you build real time chat, video, and audio applications for mobile and web apps.  

MirrorFly vs Twilio

What kinds of businesses can select MirrorFly? 

MirrorFly is a highly efficient and 100% customizable API provider that tends to offer 150+ customizable chat solutions.   The best part about MirrorFly is that there is no involvement of a third-party  server and the user is provided with the full source code. On the other hand, Twilio’s cloud infrastructure is supported by Amazon Web Services. 

Well, MirrorFly can anytime be your API option as it’s flexible, scalable, and customizable in nature. It is capable of catering to the business requirements of diverse industries be it digital healthcare, e-learning, financial services, remote contact center, and others. 

Best highlights : 

  • On premises and on cloud 
  • Package of upgradable solutions 
  • White label solution 
  • Enriched UI/UX 
  • One-time license cost 
  • Quick launch 

Cons:  No site analytics 


Plivo can be your efficient API provider and can provide you with a plethora of convenient chat solutions such as SMS, MMS, audio calling, video calling, and a lot more. t more. The best part about Plivo is that it provides you with customized pricing options depending on your business requirements. Hence, it’s easy on the pockets. 

Why choose Plivo? 

One of the top most advantages of choosing Plivo is that it does not set a character limitation for leveraging its SMS function. Moreover, it always offers free calling feature options to its users to carry out smoother conversations. 

What types of businesses should use Plivo? 

Plivo is suitable for businesses who are specifically looking for a strong SMS system for themselves. This is because Plivo has a separate SMS API that serves businesses with full-featured and highly advanced SMS features. Businesses in the financial sector, especially, banks that desire to simplify their communication can opt for Plivo. 

Best highlights: 

  • Leveraged by more than 65 countries to buy local, mobile, and toll-free numbers.
  • SMS APIs for global interactions. 
  • MMS API to send and receive images and videos across phone numbers in the US and Canada, 
  •  Conference calls, voice survey, voice alert, scalable cloud IVR, and a lot more .


  •  Some call-in system features are only limited for use only for premium members. 
  • Only supports 16 languages when it comes to text-to-speech translations.  


Offers CPaaS and APIs for SMS, voice, video and verification. It provides you with an easy integration and a quick and easy testing. Sinch can be used for marketing, service delivery, and customer care. 

Why choose Sinch as a Twilio alternative? 

The best part about Sinch is that buying it for your communication platform won’t burn holes in your pocket. Also, when compared to Twilio, it has a very simple user interface to integrate. If you want a super smooth SDK or API, you can opt for Sinch. 

What types of businesses use Sinch? 

Businesses that want personalized telecommunications for themselves can leverage Sinch can also be utilized by the healthcare sector that wants to reduce costs on telehealth.  Financial services that want to build rich relationships through customer communication can also use Sinch. 

Basic highlights 

  •  Messaging APIs including rich SMS, MMS,  RCS, Messenger API, and much more. 
  •  Calling APIs supporting audio calling, video calling, data calling, number masking, and much more. 
  •  Flash call verification, data verification, and others with verification APIs. 
  •  Supports, campaigns, and personalized content. 


  •  Does not provide toll-free number service 
  • Lacks live calling feature in customer service


 Top performing restful API designed for quick integration. Telnyx promotes global scalability. It can be used for call tracking, SMS customer support, contact center, and others.  Also, Telnyx has customizable pricing for each service category that it serves. 

Why choose Telnyx? 

Telnyx ensures security through an end-to-end encryption. It has a multi-cloud uptime to support diversity and resilience. With its self-service portal and numbers APIs, you can easily port your number with 100% transparency. 

What businesses should choose Telnyx? 

Telnyx can be the perfect go to solution for businesses that prioritize real-time data access as it has a multi-cloud infrastructure.  Also, companies looking for advanced data storage can go for Telnyx. It supports voice recording   and collects data for future references.

Basic highlights: 

  • Elastic SIP trunking
  • Voice API 
  • SMS API 
  • Document transfer with fax
  • Instant number and carrier information with its Lookup product 


  • Does not serve direct inward dialing list 
  • Lack of call routing facilities 


Restcomm enables you to create programmable voice and SMS applications.  With Restcomm, you can add real-time communication capabilities to your business platform.  With its highly advanced push notification features, it tends to promote customer interactions.  Moreover, it has an intuitive interface and supports easy integration, thereby, paving the way for quick communication. 

Why choose Restcomm as a Twilio alternative? 

Restcomm offers BYOC just like Twilio and allows you to  add carriers for SMS and voice services.  It provides you with highly enriched API features that allow you to select any language via text-to-speech.  

What businesses should select Restcomm? 

If you’re a business looking forward to  deploying revenue-generated applications, Restcomm should be your choice. Healthcare, e-commerce, customer service, travel & hospitality are some of the top industries that can leverage Restcomm. 

Basic highlights: 

  •  Full-featured and integrated tool box of APIs 
  • BYOC to reduce cost and enhance delivery rates
  • Quick brand launch with whitelabelling 
  • Supports IVR, call conferencing, power dialing,  and other features


  • CPaaS is a necessary medium for utilizing services.  


One of the best omnichannel cloud communication platforms. Infobip provides you with scalable, fast, and flexible communication solutions. It supports live chat, voice, video, RCS, MMS, and other advanced functions. 

Why choose Infobip as a Twilio SDK alternative? 

Infobip supports the integration of WhatsApp, Viber, and other top performing chat applications. This advanced feature is not available with Twilio. So, if you wish to integrate chat apps like WhatsApp or Viber into your business communication platform, Infobip is your go to solution. 

What businesses choose Infobip? 

Infobip has the potential to serve a vast range of industries including retail, e-commerce, transport, financial services, telecommunication, and others. 

Basic highlights: 

  • Easy integration of highly advanced chat applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber
  • Helps develop communication channels such as voice calls, video call, live chat, SMS, email, MMS, and a lot more 


  •   No call tracking or automation feature


Highly easy-to-embed SDKs that can help build advanced and interactive applications.  Agora offers some of the best real-time communication opportunities.  It is compatible with all popular development platforms and mobile devices. 

Why choose Agora

Agora is hyper scalable and provides you with extensive APIs, customizable UI, and pre-integrated third party extensions. It monitors activity in real time and automatically selects the most efficient routing path across 200+ data centers globally.  

What businesses should select Agora? 

Well, one of the best parts about Agora is that it can be leveraged by a multitude of industries including education, gaming retail, telehealth, and others.  It works best for businesses looking forward to efficient social media integrations into their communication platform. 

Basic highlights: 

  •  Offers a plethora of advanced chat features such as voice call, video call, live streaming, real-time messaging, recording, and a lot more. 
  •  Agora analytics to track audio and video quality in real-time
  •  Interactive whiteboard, flexible classroom, and many other advanced features


  • Unorganized pricing model
  •  Higher error rate than Twilio when it comes to a quick call setup


Choosing the right API provider for your communication platform can work wonders for you. It can help you boost engagement and maximize customer satisfaction, thereby, clearing the way for better business visibility and growth. We hope our article helps you figure out the best Twilio SDK alternative for your business. Make the best choice today and take a step forward towards optimizing your business’s communication efficiency.  Good luck for all future endeavours! 

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