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Five food dishes to try in Hawaii (Infographic)

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Hawaii is a paradise that many people dream of visiting. It offers fun activities, festivals, clean white beaches, pristine landscapes, and happy faces – things that can help people destress and escape the busy life.

When planning a Hawaii excursion, joining day tours in Waikiki Hawaii can allow you to visit various places on the island, see beautiful sceneries, and understand certain customs and traditions of the country. You can Hawaii botanical garden Oahu, the Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Road, Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, and many more.

Participating in tours also lets you try local dishes and delicacies. The Aloha State has become a multi-cultural melting pot in the Pacific and has one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. The Hawaiian cuisine serves a unique fusion of American and East Asian cuisines – offering diverse, delicious foods in the south pacific.

Although traditionally, Hawaiian cuisine mainly consists of fruits and vegetables that are freshly grown on volcanic islands and uses fresh fish as the predominant meats in dishes. The Aloha State today serves a variety of flavored dishes and food options.

Poi, a thick paste made out of taro roots, is one of the dishes that tourists should try while visiting Hawaii. This Hawaiian dish is perfect for those who want food that is low in fat and protein but has high calcium and vitamin B. But, visitors should be careful when eating this dish, as it is considered sacred on the whole island. Taro, the dish’s main ingredient, is one of the island’s oldest cultivated crops and is associated with the god Kane; thus, people are not allowed to speak in anger or argue when served with the dish.

For more information on the food dishes to try in the Aloha State, see the infographic by Go Hawaii Tours provided below:

Five food dishes to try in Hawaii-infographic image0132589
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