What Are the Different Types of Paints Used for Road Line Painting?

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    The uniformity of the markings on the road is essential in all countries. Proper road line painting and marking are essential for providing pedestrians and drivers with clear guidance. Also helps in reducing all types of confusion regarding their meaning. All possible types of lines can be covered by a good road line striper. Find out about the different types of paints that are used for etching road lines and for road marking.

    Water-Based Paints:

    These act as reliable and long-lasting traffic and road line painting solutions and are eco-friendly in form. A wide range of materials constitutes these types of paints and the polymer binder. Generally, it happens to be a type of acrylic latex. Water-based paint that is used to mark roads is anti-slip and low-profile. This makes it perfect for racetracks and airfield runways, where the surface must be free of any debris from foreign objects. It is also available in a wide variety of colors, which makes it ideal for:

    • Transport yards
    • Warehouses
    • Block paving surfaces
    • Shipping ports
    • Car parks

    As compared to various other road line painting options, it is eco-friendlier. Its safety properties are amazing as well.

    Low VOC Solvent-Based Paints:

    These solvent-based paints have low volatile organic compounds (VOC). It makes use of solvents, mainly acetone. Acetone has been categorized by the EPA to be exempt from hurting the coating VOC. It lets a solvent-based coating be used in those cases where there was earlier a need for a water-based coating, to satisfy low VOC criteria.

    Two-Component Paints

    The name itself indicates that these have two separate components. One of which is a curing agent and the other one a polymer base. The blend of these two leads to a chemical reaction, which allows the paint to dry faster after painting the roads. The paints do not have any impact due to the heavy changes in temperatures.


    Solvent-Based Paints

    These are also referred to as oil-based paint. Compared to water-based compounds, these have more organic compounds. Thus, these can get dried much faster. Unlike a water-based coating, these are not impacted much due to humidity and temperature. These can be composed of synthetic acrylic, plant-based alkyd, and various other polymer materials of a similar nature.

    Bio-Renewable Paints

    The formulations in these paints have a lot of bio-renewable material. Due to this reason, it is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for road line painting and road marking. Bio stripe was the first bio-renewable road paint.  It happens to remain a popular option in areas where there is a limitation on VOC. It lasts for a long time upon application and does not fade as fast as many other paint options out there.

    MMA Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint

    The advantages of thermoplastic, as well as paint, can be found in the solvent-free, cold plastic known as MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). This can last for a long time and can hold color well enough without getting faded. Due to this reason, it is ideal to be used for:

    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Roundabouts
    • Junctions
    • High traffic areas

    Road line painting can be completed much more quickly, given that this is cold-applied and is fast-drying in nature.

    For road marking and road line painting, a much more popular choice – given that it is reflective and hard-wearing is the thermoplastic road marking. Thus, it is perfect for highways and high-traffic roads. Once it is heated to 180 degrees Celsius, it is spray-painted onto the road surface. This is the reason why it is referred to as ‘Hot Tape’ or ‘Hot Melt Marking Paint’ at times.

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