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Hampta pass Odessey: Trekking through Paradise

HomeInsightsHampta pass Odessey: Trekking through Paradise


Hampta Pass, at 14,010 feet in elevation, is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most beautiful trekking options. Despite its modest difficulty, the Hampta Pass trip is an excellent opportunity for both novices and veterans. If you like the trek then you also like the Skandagiri Trek which uplifts your trekking experience. 

Its appealing sceneries and stunning panoramas are sure to fascinate trekkers. Dense pinewood forests, infinite green meadows, murmuring mountain streams, bright wildflowers, imposing mountains, lakes, and pools. The is filled with everything you could want to see on a hike.

Every few hours of walking on the Hampta Pass trekking trail, the scenery changes dramatically. 

The vibrant rhododendrons and other wildflowers on the way to Balu ka Ghera, the rugged cliffs and tiny lakes on the way to Hampta Pass, and ultimately the haunting panorama of Pirpanjal from the pass’s gateway are nothing short of a melancholy voyage.

At The Peak 

At the highest point, it appears that the Himalayas have revealed their innermost secrets to the trekkers. The spectacular vistas of the mountains, flowing down into the darkness of melancholy valleys and soaring into the sky with pristine white summits unashamedly reflecting the light, are a well-deserved and hard-earned reward for completing the easy but arduous walk.

However, the voyage is far from over. During the descent to Shea Goru, the dramatic experience continues.

Short facts-

  • Himachal Pradesh is the location, and 14,010 feet is the altitude.
  • 5-day duration
  • Trail Length: 28 kilometers
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Beginning in Manali

  • Endpoint: Manali
  • Camp Base-Jobra
  • Pathankot is the nearest railroad station.
  • Bhuntar is the closest airport.
  • Manali has the last ATM. You should bring extra cash for the trek because there are no ATMs available past Manali.
  • Mid-June to mid-October to come.



Although the walk gets you to an elevation of 14,010 feet, it is not even close to being as hazardous as treks to this high elevation are typical. There aren’t many treks that cover such ground in only 5 days.

Mountain Villages- 

Beautiful mountain villages tucked away in the Himalayas are the best places to unwind, relax, and drift off into oblivion. Sethan is a community that lets you unwind and just be, perched at an altitude of 8,860 feet. This tiny Buddhist hamlet, which is encircled by the mighty Dhauladhar hills and is 45 minutes drive from Manali, is like a paradise on earth. The area is covered in a white sheet of unadulterated pleasure during the winter months when snow blankets the ground. You have the opportunity to learn about the distinctive Buddhist culture of the Sethan locals, who are descended from Tibetan and Spiti Valley immigrants.

The pathway to heaven is said to pass via Hampta hamlet, which is beneath Sethan village. Many people think that Yudhishthir traveled this path on his way to heaven.

Additionally, you get to see the distinctive culture of the people who live in the high-altitude natural wonders of Lahaul and Spiti.

Distinct Terrain-

The tremendously different scenery that Hampta Pass offers in just five days makes it an exclusive and uncommon destination. The huge lengths of the abandoned and bleak Lahaul Valley become obvious with their overwhelming majesty as you travel over the lush green Kullu Valley.

The majority of Himalayan hikes are frequently accompanied by alpine forests and lush meadows. The scant vegetation and desolate

landscape of Lahaul, combined with the chilly Spiti deserts, are what make this walk unique.

Exotic plants and animals- 

The trek exposes you to a diverse array of Himalayan plants and animals. A wide variety of colorful wildflowers adorn the grasslands. A rosy-pink contrast to the glossy green landscape of Pinewood, Deodar, Maple, Silver Birch, and massive oak trees may be seen in the miniature rhododendrons lining the woodland trails.

The dry, chilly deserts of Lahaul and Spiti will transport you to a paradise with untamed wilderness after you have enjoyed the grandeur of the lustrous meadows of the Kullu Valley.

Shepherd dogs, sheep, and colorful Himalayan birds, such as whistling thrushes and white-capped redstarts, can all be found in the Alpine woodlands.

Chandra Taal Lake-

Magnificent The most unusual gem that this trek has to offer is Chandra Taal, the shimmering crescent-shaped lake encircled by the stern brown mountains. The fact that this high-altitude glacier lake is situated atop Hampta Pass is the frosting on the cake.

According to Hindu legend, Yudhishthir’s ascent to heaven originated at Chandra Taal. You are captivated by the immaculate beauty of this deep moon lake. It makes Spiti’s ordinarily dull crown gleam like a bright turquoise gem.

Best Time to Visit Hampta Pass-

The ideal time to visit Hampta Pass is from mid-June until mid-October. Early in the season, there may be some snow in the higher parts of the pass, but by August, it has all melted away.

With some caution, it is one of the few hikes that may be taken even during the rainy season. In the monsoon season, lakes and streams are overflowing with beautiful water from melted snow. It’s amazing to see silver waterfalls cascading from the mountains. Fresh grass covers the meadows, and the healthy mountain air fills your senses with exceptional freshness.


The Hampta Pass Odyssey is an adventure that offers more than just strenuous physical activity. It’s a chance to experience the Himalayas’ breathtaking splendor up close, watch the elements of nature interact, and form relationships with the locals. This journey is more than just a stroll through breathtaking scenery; it’s a journey of self-discovery and an extraordinary adventure that forever imprints itself on the memories of every daring adventurer who is fortunate enough to take part in it.

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