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Why Labels Are Important in the Workplace

HomeWellnessWhy Labels Are Important in the Workplace

In any workplace, labels are one of the most important forms of visual communication. Labels give vital information and can help protect everyone involved in the business. Clearly displaying appropriate labels throughout the workplace are effective forms of communication that will help the workplace run smoother.

Prevent Employee Injuries

All employees deserve the right to feel safe at work, and employers and employees alike want to prevent workplace injuries. Labels inform everyone of occupational hazards, which helps them understand their risk. They also help everyone at the workplace understand how to use or operate materials or machinery safely. Labels can let people know whether they should be using any PPE depending on what they are doing. This keeps employees safe by preventing them from injuring themselves. 

Inform Emergency Personnel

Safety is a major reason why labels should be everywhere they are required in a workplace. In the event of an accident, emergency personnel will first be looking at labels throughout the workplace. Emergency response teams need to know if they will be dealing with dangerous chemicals. Labels help inform toxicologists as to what dangers are presented from a workplace accident involving hazardous chemicals. Good labeling can also help guide people to emergency exits or to the location of first aid stations. The faster people are able to respond in the event of an emergency, the faster injuries can be tended to and lives can be saved.


Another important reason for labels in the workplace is compliance. All workplaces need to follow certain laws and regulations regardless of whether they are traditional offices, factories or manufacturing plants, or warehouses. These labels may be required by OSHA, NFPA, or other agencies that have the authority to regulate your office. Labels are important to have because these entities could come to do a check or audit to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Machinery should have clearly marked safety and operational information and hazardous chemicals should have the appropriate labels. Failure to comply with these regulations could be costly for your business.

Labels are important throughout the workplace, so look for gaps in your labeling effort that you can fill. Work environments with extensive labeling help contribute to a safe place where everyone will understand where to find what they need. A workplace with sufficient labeling is one where clear communication helps everyone understand safety rules and regulations.

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