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How to Remove Obstacles to Progress in Your Workplace

HomeBusinessHow to Remove Obstacles to Progress in Your Workplace

Sometimes a job can be a drain, especially when you aren’t able to progress in it. If you’re feeling frustrated in your job, there may be obstacles in your workplace that are interfering with your ability to do your work or achieve your goals. With a little analysis, you can identify what’s holding you back and move forward.

Identify the Problems

The first step is to identify the precise problem that’s causing your frustration. Workplace problems can be complex and involve many factors, and you may not at first be able to recognize what is hindering you. To identify the problem, think about your goal and what is standing in your way. If you could remove one thing to make your tasks easier, what would it be? Try to imagine eliminating one factor at a time until you have arrived at the main problem obstructing you.

Find the Root Issue

To discover why the problem is happening, you’ll have to ask questions. Asking yourself the five whys helps to get to the root of the problem. This is a method to peel back the layers of a problem by questioning. You start by asking why the problem is happening, and then continue asking why, getting deeper each time to the root cause. For example, if your workload is overwhelming, you might ask why, and the answer might be, “My supervisor gives me too much work.” To that answer, ask why again: Why does my supervisor assign me so much work? Repeat asking “why” five times or more until you have arrived at the root issue.

Make an Action Plan

Once you’ve found the root issue, you can begin to address it. Consider what steps you need to take, and in what order. Remember to act on the root cause of the problem, as only resolving or eliminating the initial issue won’t truly remove the obstacle you are facing. Your action plan should take into consideration other people who may assist you or resources you will need to gather together. Set interim benchmarks to evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your plan as necessary. An action plan will empower you to break through those obstacles and achieve your goals.

Your workplace should be a place that allows you to grow and prosper. If there are obstacles in your way, you don’t have to work around them. You can eliminate them by identifying their causes and acting to resolve them.

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