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Sources of Support for Your At-Risk Teen

HomeWellnessSources of Support for Your At-Risk Teen

Teenagers need more support than perhaps any other demographic. Adolescence is an emotionally and physically very difficult time for everyone. If your teen is an at-risk individual who is in the process of making life-altering decisions, they are going to need support.

Family Support

The psychological studies are clear. A good, strong family support system can work wonders in many areas. First and foremost is mental health. Many teens these days struggle with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Oftentimes, they feel it can be hard to open up and be vulnerable about their struggles with family. 

The best thing you can do as a parent is to listen. Do your best to communicate your love for your teen. If or when they finally decide to open up, it is essential that you process what they are telling you with love and patience. If you feel the need to discipline them for something, that can come later–the priority should be reinforcing your love and support.

Diversion Programs

Another method for helping teenagers is diversion programs. Essentially, a diversion program is any kind of program that helps a teen put their energy and time into something positive. Youth camps are one example of this. 

Youth programs can help prevent future criminal justice spending because they help teens develop passions and skills that will help them stay out of delinquency. Some programs are run by churches or other local community organizations. Some are state-run. You should research your options in order to compare prices and results. Be careful to not entrust your teen to an unknown source. 


Some teens might initially balk at the offer to take them to see a therapist. But the fact of the matter is that therapy is quickly becoming a standard of individual health for adults everywhere. Mental health struggles are quite common and are no indication of personal failure. A teen whose behavior is becoming more rebellious, erratic, or dangerous is likely lashing out for underlying reasons. A good therapist can help them work through their feelings and actions. A good therapist can also be hard to find–so do your best to be patient in your search. 

Teenagers need to know they are loved and cherished. They need to know that their feelings and opinions are valid. They need to feel like they have a safe environment where they can be open about what they feel. This is the key to helping a teenager. 

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