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5 Reasons Why People Love Traveling by Train and Why it is Better than a Flight

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Have you ever wondered why people leave their homes for long and travel around the world? Traveling is one such activity, the intention and feeling behind which is inexplicable. It holds different emotions for every human on earth. And finding answers to why people love traveling is somewhat tricky.   

We can assume that meeting new people, finding the unexplored, challenging oneself to deal with adventures, etc., could be the possible reasons. But whatever the reason is, traveling is one of those very few pursuits that anyone hates.   

And above that lies people’s frenzy to voyage by train. Trains have been running in India since 1853. And since then, it has only seen an increase in the number of people who step on the train to reach their destination. The amount of train ticket booking says it all.   

People choose trains. But why?  

It won’t be cliché if we say that the journey is more important than the destination. For all this time, we have been told that the part of the journey when you enjoy just sitting with your family or friends is what makes your trip a memorable one.   

So, if you doubt why train ticket booking is increasing daily, the answer is quite apparent. It is that part of the trip when you get to spend time with your loved ones. There is no hassle of going sightseeing, getting ready for breakfast, or even worrying about sleeping on time.   

You just have to sit; the train will take you to the place. And the best part about trains is that it will be a fun adventure whether you are voyaging alone or with the entire family. You get to meet new people who might be connected with you in some other way.  

That is the beauty of voyaging by train. It allows you to explore everything that you were missing out on. There is so much you get to learn and to share. And adding a silver lining to the existing fun, the train journey is never dull because of the snackables that regularly come inside.   

Why would someone not make their train ticket booking in advance?  

  1. Easy breathing  

Trips on roads and by air may be a little suffocating. There is not enough leg space in airplanes, nor is there a proper sanitation facility on the bus. On the contrary, trains have everything that you ask for. You can walk around, sleep (but not very peacefully because of the commotion), and even feel the cozy air running through your face.  

  1. Sceneries on the way    

Another reason for many train ticket bookings is the beautiful landscapes that await your presence on the way. Rail tracks are different; they are made in the middle of some greeneries and on top of some oceans. So, when on the train, along with the final destination, you get to see so many other beautiful visuals as well.   

  1. Tasty food now and forever  

The food available on the train is incomparably tasty. The vendors offer spicey delicacies that every Indian and a person from abroad can fall for., and if you do not wish to buy from the vendor, you can always avail of the online facility to order food. And it would be wrong if we forget about the homemade food that we share with and from others.  

  1. Favorite energy drink for Indians- TEA!  

There is nothing better than the hawker calling out to everyone to have some hot sips of tea and energizing themselves for the remaining journey on the train. And believe it or not, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get the same taste as that on the station’s tea anywhere.   

  1. Adding more people to your social media!  

In the era of the internet, trains let you add friends in real life. Every person on the train is looking forward to a conversation because the journey is long, and boredom starts to strike. So, having a bit of chit-chat would only let you increase your friends in real life as well as on social media platforms.  

And with the accessible facility of online train ticket booking, people are now worry-free.   

Benefits of booking train tickets online  

Traveling plans are not always ready two months before the going date. Sometimes, these programs are immediate, and you might not be able to go to the station at that time. During such times, local train ticket booking facilities help a lot.   

You do not have to wait for your turn in long queues at the station. And the best part is that you can do it at home. What took you a few hours can now be done within a few minutes. And this could be only possible because of the availability of websites and mobile-based applications.   

You need not worry about missing the ticket. When you book from mobile-based applications, you get the e-ticket via email as well as text. So, there is no chance you forget your ticket unless you leave your phone.   

Also, payment is made online. Cancellation facilities are also available online. Even the PNR status check can be done with a click. So, it is all about comfort, feasibility, and quickness that has made traveling by train even more preferred choice.   

Some apps also offer refund policies and discounts according to the occasion. What could be better than this?   

In the end  

After two years of a long break from travel and tourism, people are now excited about stepping on the trains once again. Whether traveling from one state to another or on the city’s local trains, there is something special about trains.   

So, if you are also looking forward to traveling to Himachal, or Mumbai, or Udaipur, you just have to own a mobile application and an IRCTC user account and password. With as little as two prerequisites, you can instantly schedule an entire trip just by sitting at home.   

10 things you need to know why a train journey is better than a flight

While the choice between train and flight travel depends on various factors such as distance and personal preferences, there are specific advantages to train journeys that might make them a preferable option in certain situations. Here are ten reasons why a train journey can be better than a flight:

  1. Scenic Views:
    • Train journeys often provide stunning scenic views, especially on routes that pass through picturesque landscapes. Passengers can enjoy the changing scenery, which is not possible at high altitudes during a flight.
  2. More Legroom and Comfort:
    • Trains generally offer more legroom and larger, more comfortable seats compared to airplanes. Passengers have the freedom to move around, stretch their legs, and relax in a more spacious environment.
  3. City-Center to City-Center Travel:
    • Train stations are typically located in the city center, eliminating the need for additional transportation to and from airports. This convenience can save both time and money.
  4. No Baggage Fees:
    • Most train services do not charge extra fees for luggage, allowing passengers to bring more baggage without incurring additional costs. This can be particularly advantageous for those traveling with bulky or heavy items.
  5. Reduced Security Hassles:
    • Train travel involves less stringent security checks compared to air travel. Passengers can board trains without going through extensive security screenings, reducing pre-travel stress and wait times.
  6. Flexibility to Move Around:
    • Passengers on trains have the flexibility to move around freely during the journey. Dining cars, observation areas, and communal spaces provide opportunities for socializing and stretching without restrictions.
  7. Avoidance of Long Check-In Processes:
    • Train boarding processes are generally quicker and less time-consuming than airline check-ins. Passengers can arrive shortly before departure without the need for extensive security checks and waiting times.
  8. Environmentally Friendly Travel:
    • Trains are considered a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, producing fewer carbon emissions per passenger mile compared to flights. Opting for train travel supports sustainable and eco-friendly choices.
  9. No Flight Delays Due to Weather:
    • Trains are less affected by adverse weather conditions compared to flights. Train travel is less likely to be delayed or canceled due to weather-related issues, providing more reliability in certain situations.
  10. Cost-Effective for Short Distances:
    • For short to medium distances, train travel can be a cost-effective alternative. When factoring in airport transfers, baggage fees, and other associated costs of air travel, trains may offer a more economical option.

While train travel might be advantageous for certain situations, it’s essential to consider factors like travel time, distance, and personal preferences when choosing between a train and a flight. Each mode of transportation has its own set of benefits, and the best choice depends on the specific requirements of the journey.

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