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Wearable Tech: The Future of Construction Safety

HomeTechnologyWearable Tech: The Future of Construction Safety

The Apple Watch, Fitbit fitness tracker, and other wearable technologies have changed the way people monitor their health and safety. Now, construction companies are increasingly using wearable tech to help workers guard against accidents, injuries, and fatalities and become more productive and efficient than ever before.

If you manage a construction company or work at one, it pays to consider wearables. In doing so, you may quickly discover that wearable tech can deliver long-lasting benefits for you and your business.

The Wearable Tech Market Is Growing

Research indicates the global wearable technology market could expand at a compound annual growth rate of 13.8% between 2021 and 2028. In addition, this sector could be worth nearly $40.7 billion by 2028.

Meanwhile, construction technology advancements continue. For example, construction companies are using big data analytics to collect, organize, and analyze massive data sets and transform them into business insights. Furthermore, these companies are leveraging robotics to automate myriad business processes. Construction companies are even utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) devices to gain real-time business insights that drive immediate and long-lasting improvements across their operations.

Wearables are among the IoT technologies available to construction companies — and they can have far-flung effects on these businesses. With a clear understanding of how wearables work, construction managers and workers can realize the full value of wearable tech.

What Construction Wearable Tech Offers

OSHA reports one in five worker deaths in the United States occurs in the construction sector. And in total, thousands of construction worker fatalities take place annually, even though employers take measures to limit on-the-job risk.  

Wearables provide state-of-the-art safety tools for construction companies and their employees. Construction companies can equip their workers with wearable tech. From here, these businesses can track employee risk across their work sites.

Each wearable gives construction companies data. A wearable device can offer real-time information about an employee. For instance, a construction worker can wear a smartwatch that delivers information about their body temperature. If the worker’s body temperature exceeds a normal level, the employee can be prompted to take a break. This ensures the worker can avoid the exhaustion that increases their risk of a workplace accident, injury, or fatality. At the same time, the worker’s employer can lower the risk of a workplace safety incident that can otherwise lead to project mistakes and delays, revenue losses, brand reputation damage, and OSHA fines and penalties.

Moreover, construction companies can provide wearables to track on-the-job performance. These companies can generate insights to understand when employees are performing their best. And they can utilize these insights to help employees reach their potential. The result: construction companies can leverage wearable tech to simultaneously boost workplace safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Explore a Wide Range of Construction Wearable Technologies

There is no shortage of wearable technology available to businesses around the globe, such as construction companies. Top wearables that can be used by today’s construction companies include:

1. Smart Jewelry

Construction businesses are leveraging smart rings, necklaces, and other jewelry to stay connected to their workers. Smart jewelry typically works in the same way as a smartwatch. It enables workers to receive an alert any time they receive a phone call, text, or email on their smartphone. Smart jewelry can even be configured to track an employee’s stress level and movement.

2. Smart Clothing

Cooling vests, heated jackets, and other smart clothing can help construction workers guard against inclement weather conditions. Also, smart clothing can be equipped with biometric sensors capable of performing life-saving actions. So, a construction company can provide smart clothing that helps a worker stay warm or cool and maintain a healthy body temperature. If this clothing has biometric sensors, it can alert company supervisors if a worker trips, falls, or gets injured, too.

3. Smart Hard Hats

Construction workers can wear hard hats that feature a sensor band inside the rim. This band ensures construction companies can measure workers’ vital signs and keep an eye out for signs of employee fatigue. Smart hard hats can include proximity sensing technology as well. This technology enables workers to get alerted if they approach heavy equipment or any other workplace hazards before an accident occurs.

Choose the Right Construction Wearables

Construction safety is paramount. Thanks to wearable technologies, construction managers and workers are well-equipped to take on-the-job safety to the next level. Yet, to get the most value out of wearables, construction companies must select the right ones for their employees.

When you evaluate construction wearables, consider your options carefully. Think about how wearables will be used across your work sites. Then develop a plan that allows you to track data from your wearables and transform it into actionable insights.

Lastly, utilize a training program for construction wearables. Construction managers should learn the ins and outs of wearables and share their knowledge and insights with employees. Workers should have no trouble coming forward with any concerns or questions about how to use construction wearables as well.

Construction managers and employees can work together to leverage wearables to optimize on-the-job safety. Evaluate the construction wearable technology devices at your disposal, and you are sure to find options that meet your safety requirements.

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