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    There are few careers that offer the average person the opportunity to earn huge commissions in sales as being a real estate agent. Real estate is a great industry, because people are always going to need a place to live. If you have ever bought or sold a house, then you know how complicated and frustrating the process can be. Having a real estate agent with you on a sale or purchase can ease your stress and make sure things get taken care of right. Here are a few things that you need to do to practice legally as a real estate agent

    Partner With a Brokerage

    The first step that you need to take to practice real estate legally is to partner with a brokerage. A real estate broker, or brokerage firm, is an individual or group who – in addition to being a licensed real estate agent – is responsible for making sure all the paperwork and process of the sale or purchase are done legally and properly. It is required that real estate agents work for a broker or brokerage firm to ensure that all sales and purchases you work on are done correctly and legally soundly.

    Get Your Real Estate License

    Once you have found a brokerage that you hope to work for, it is time for you to get your real estate license. Every state has unique requirements for becoming a real estate agent. You have to be licensed in every state that you do business in as well, meaning many real estate agents have multiple licenses. For most states, you will have to take a few courses, either in person or online, and then pass an exam before you will receive your real estate license. Dedicate time and effort to passing your test to get your license.

    Gather Clients

    After you have partnered with a brokerage and are officially licensed as a real estate agent, the only thing you need is some clients to start working for. Gathering clients for yourself as a real estate agent can be challenging; there are a lot of referrals in this business. Luckily, depending on which broker you are working with, you may get a few clients from them directly every now and again. However, you should also be looking for clients on your own. Advertise your service, hand out business cards, and get the word out.

    Becoming a real estate agent is a dream for many people. The truth is that becoming a real estate agent really isn’t as challenging as some people would have you believe. If you have followed these three steps, you can rest assured that you are ready to be a real estate agent.

    Check out this article for even more tips on how to start your real estate career

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