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Why Successful Realtors Use Expired Listing Postcards

HomeBusinessWhy Successful Realtors Use Expired Listing Postcards

Expired listings are properties that have been on the market but didn’t sell before the expiration date. Agents can take advantage of these listings by purchasing them or contacting them directly or through the other agent who couldn’t sell the home. Expired listings are a great way to gain new leads in a new area or secondary market to boost their clientele and the sales they need.

To learn more about why expired listings are successful and the benefit of realtor expired listing postcards, look at our list below.

A Method That Works Well For Agents

While phone calls can be a more direct way to gain clients, you’ll find that realtor-expired listing postcards are more effective. These postcards have been proven to have significant rises in both clients and sales. According to recent studies, direct mail generates a seventy-five percent better response rate. As an agent, you have a much higher chance of generating leads and selling properties. Creating a sustainable and long-lasting business is an area that shouldn’t be forgotten. In addition to that, the return on investment is high, so it’s an excellent option for those who genuinely want to advance their career.

Should You Add A Photo To Realtor Expired Listing Postcards?

New agents wrongly assume that you shouldn’t add a photo on these cards. However, that is detrimental because studies have shown that prospective clients love seeing the person behind the business. It lets them get a glimpse of who you are, and in many cases, it can cause the client to choose you over the competition. That being said, don’t avoid choosing a photo. Create a look for your card that is both professional and friendly, and you’ll let people feel more comfortable about the prospect of being able to work with you. That is why you see agents adding their headshots to their cards. It creates a warmer tone.

The size of your photo is important as well. While many choose to have a smaller picture so that the home can take point as the main focus, others prefer to have a more prominent shot. Ultimately the choice is yours. However, if you use a smaller picture, you can add more how-to images to garner interest.


Expired Listing Cards Educate Your Clients

Another reason that successful agents use realtor expired listing postcards is that they have the opportunity to educate people about listings that may be improperly priced. That has been a common issue with these types of listings, and as a professional agent, you can garner respect and new clients because you’ve caught and rectified the mistake. You can also inform your prospective clients about the proper ways their homes should be priced, the marketability of the area they live in, and how they can sell their homes faster by choosing you. Successful agents have mastered this, and they have lasted so long in the industry.

Creating A Great Look With Templates

When it comes to realtor-expired listing postcards, you need to look at different templates to see what will work better. Each agent has a different idea of what they want customers to see and how they want their brand to look. For example, some templates have room for various home shots and your headshot. Others will eschew the headshot altogether and have pictures of the house and vital information surrounding the listing. Another popular option is a catchy gimmick to garner attention and to keep the focus on your face to create a more comforting setting.

The best part of the templates is that you’ve got hundreds of customizable options that you can choose from. With each one that you see, you have the opportunity to give your card a look that will make it stand out against the other agents in the same area you are. Follow the lead of other successful agents and find a template that works well for you.

Utilizing Colors And Fonts Properly

Another benefit that you have is the color schemes and fonts. While you can create your unique look, you’ll see immediately how the card looks professional without altering it. An example would be if you want a bolder look, a deep royal purple looks lovely with a light gray or white. It’s the idea of mixing a more daring color with two neutrals to create a look that captures attention while avoiding clashing and irritating.

One reason that you need to pay attention to the color schemes so closely is the fact that if your card is clashing or it creates a look that is too much, your potential client will be bored or want to turn away from your car instead of paying attention to it the way you need them to.

Additional Benefits That You Can Take Advantage Of

Another reason that realtors expired listing postcards is a good thing? You can convey your message clearly, and you’ll gain exceptional results. Remember, however, that your success depends on the amount of time into it. Because this option is more novel than other methods, people are more receptive.

Offline methods have been proven to work efficiently even in our digital age. The most successful agents understand that while you need to be involved digitally and ensure that you’re caught up on social media, you need to employ both methods to have staying power in a competitive industry.

Navigate Yourself Successfully

To be a successful real estate agent, you’ll need to understand that realtor-expired listing postcards can help you get there. Each time you obtain one of these listings, you set yourself apart as a skilled and knowledgeable agent in the field. Another way it sets you apart is that you have the chance to showcase how you can succeed where others have failed. When expired listings are prevalent in an area, you’ll find that the other agents are already upset that the listing hasn’t sold. You are able to help rectify the situation and will work well. Be consistent and follow the example of agents doing this for years. Your career will thank you.

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