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How to Protect Yourself from Allergens

HomeWellnessHow to Protect Yourself from Allergens

Allergies are a poorly understood yet often quite serious issue that does not get enough attention for how they impact peoples’ lives. Perhaps the worst thing about allergies is that allergens like pollen, dust mites, and fragrances are difficult to avoid and seek protection from.

So, here are some valuable tips to help protect yourself from allergens.

Take an Allergy Test

Knowing what you are allergic to or sensitive to will boost your efforts to avoid allergens. A trip to the doctor may be in order if you face unknown allergies. There are also allergy tests you can take at home, saving the time, energy, and copay of a doctor’s visit.

Merely knowing what to avoid eating or inhaling will allow you to cut things out of your life that could get you sick. You simply cannot stay in the dark about your allergies when figuring out what they are is so simple for many people.

Wash Your Hands

One of the simplest, soundest pieces of anti-allergy advice is to wash your hands endlessly, especially when in contact with allergens. You do not need to go overboard and wash your hands raw, but washing your hands after contacting allergens is one of the most effective defenses you have to prevent yourself from getting sick from some allergen frequently. That also means asking the surrounding people to take part. Everyone can save you so much hassle and potential danger merely by washing their hands after coming into contact with your allergens.

Get an Air Purifier

So many allergens are airborne that it makes sense to buy an air purifier to remove some germs, dirt, and other allergens from your home’s air.

When you let outdoor air inside, you will often regret it with allergies because plenty of places have a high quantity of allergens in the outdoor air. The common allergens outdoor air presents are pollen and animal dander, which can keep you stuffy and sick-feeling every time you open a window. So, an air filter will let you breathe easier because it will clean the air for you, freeing you to feel at home in your own house.

Use Hypoallergenic Detergent

If all else fails and you wind up with allergens on your clothing, consider using allergy-friendly detergent. Allergy-friendly detergent will help get any allergens off your clothes when you wash them, making it possible to keep wearing that nice shirt, even when you went over to your friend’s house and got cat hair on it.

While allergy-friendly detergent is more expensive than regular laundry detergent, it can pay off in spades for those who suffer from more severe allergies. You may not like the expense, but allergy-friendly laundry detergent can make or break your allergy symptoms, so it would be best to consider splurging on it.

Seek Treatment for Allergies

Depending on the type of allergy you have, you can usually take over-the-counter medicines to keep allergy symptoms at bay. For more severe allergies, prescription medicine may be needed.

There are also natural ways to treat allergies. For example, if you suffer from a dust mite allergy, a natural dust mite allergy treatment might be to vacuum your home weekly. Frequently washing your bedding may also help protect you from experiencing symptoms of a dust mite allergy.

All in all, you should treat your allergies, especially if they are a disruption to your life.

The Wrap-Up on Allergies

You do not have to live life eternally stuffy and sick. By taking allergies seriously and working to eliminate them, you can live happier. Natural solutions even exist to help you fight your allergies, so you do not need to continue to suffer needlessly.

Beyond that, everyone with allergies should take an allergy test. Also, some practical advice for protecting yourself from allergens includes washing your hands endlessly, purchasing an air purifier, and using allergy-friendly laundry detergent. Allergies can be challenging, but they do not need to be life-altering, so it makes sense to do what you can.

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