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9 Ways Your Family Can Benefit from Having a Goldendoodle

HomeEducational9 Ways Your Family Can Benefit from Having a Goldendoodle

Ideally embracing wonderful traits from both the Golden Retriever and the poodle, Goldendoodles have taken the family scene by storm. They are renowned for their charismatic enjoyment of life and people, intelligence, trainability, and low-shedding coats. Physical and behavioral features create a dog that provides at least nine ways to bring happiness to your family.

Develop Accountability

Young children and teens alike can develop accountability via the family dog. By caring for another being, they develop a sense of obligation, responsibility, and ownership for their actions. They come to care for the dog as something other than a toy to entertain them when convenient. With time, they can extrapolate these lessons to other people and practice them in society as leaders.

The basics of accountability begin with tangible evidence of care such as feeding. Children can easily comprehend the causal effect of giving their Goldendoodle food. They can readily empathize with hunger pangs and realize the gratification of easing that discomfort. Brushing and play activities emphasize the ongoing nature of caring for someone else and thus the permanent nature of responsibility. Spending quality time with their Goldendoodle instills important values of accountability and dedication that will follow them into their friendships and perhaps even future job duties.

Regular Exercise

Any dog can get you out of the house on a regular basis. However, Goldendoodles are remarkably compatible with their human companions in their exercise requirements. They need an hour to 90 minutes of light to moderate exercise daily.  This could take the form of a few walks that everyone in the family could partake in. Add 20 minutes of vigorous activity like fetching, running, or swimming, and you have a content dog.

Goldendoodles, with their happy demeanors and energetic playfulness, make great pals for children.  They tend to be smaller in stature than Goldens, so they are more manageable around young kids. These “designer dogs” enjoy games of chase and playing with balls and generally get along with other dogs. You can take them to the dog park regularly where the entire family can enjoy quality playtime. Remember that Goldendoodles puppies need to be active, otherwise they can get bored, and a bored dog usually means trouble.

Less Stress

All the typical activities you do with your Goldendoodle will lessen your stress and the anxiety of the entire family. Interacting with your dog through play and exercise is proven to increase relaxation. Petting your Goldendoodle can lower your blood pressure. Finally, simply watching your pet appears to lower stress hormones and raise the levels of comforting chemicals like oxytocin. However, you may have to gaze into your pet’s eyes to reap the benefits of that last one.

Fewer Allergies for Kids

If you have children in your family, you know they can be susceptible to environmental allergies and asthma. If they grow up with a dog in the family, they tend to have fewer general allergies. They also become adults with greater immunity to pet allergies. Their immune systems are stronger, in general. Particular Goldendoodles can be excellent choices if you find one with a hypoallergenic coat. Moreover, Goldendoodles appear to help against many skin inflammatory conditions, like eczema.

Teach Kindness

You can take advantage of the gentle and affectionate temperament of a Goldendoodle to teach your children the importance of empathy. Without tolerating any rough or abusive behavior, your Goldendoodle is a patient teacher. Of course, any time you are unsure about a young one’s behavior, make sure you supervise. Children can learn by example. Often, young, vulnerable and traumatized people bond more readily with a dog than they would with another person.

Over time this exchange of understanding and affection can transmit to interactions with people. Kids learn how to be kind and gentle themselves. They develop better communication and nurturing skills than their counterparts who are raised without a dog.

Increases Happiness

Happiness and a positive mood are contagious, and no dog is jollier than a Goldendoodle. Dog owners have been shown to be less susceptible to depression than people who do not own any pets. They also seem happier than even cat owners. Clinically depressed people show improvement in their symptoms when performing activities requisite for owning dogs. It makes sense because they involve exercise, a daily routine, and caring for a dependent individual. Besides dealing with depression, owning a Goldendoodle improves self-esteem and encourages frequent family interactions.

Promotes Good Health

Goldendoodle ownership does more for your health than help your children fight allergies. People who own dogs typically have fewer illnesses and health complaints than those who do not. This is thought to be directly linked in large part to decreased stress. Dog owners also tend to have lower heart rates.  Whether the heart rate is a cause or result of cardiovascular health is difficult to determine with certainty. Regardless, Goldendoodles will benefit your heart and likely decrease your incidence of coronary artery disease.

Another phenomenon that keeps you healthy is a dog’s biodiversity. By exposing yourself to your dog’s bacterial fauna on a consistent basis, your immune system develops effectiveness against a broader spectrum of pathogens.


Goldendoodles provide your home and family with security. They usually bark when strangers approach without undue aggression. In this manner, your family receives notification of a possible threat. However, you do not have to worry you will be held liable because your Goldendoodle caused bodily injury. Dogs are a natural deterrent against intruders, even if all they do is bark a warning. Goldendoodles also tend not to bark excessively if they receive proper attention and exercise.

Help Your Social Life

Owning a Goldendoodle facilitates family harmony through bonding activities between members, and this can extend beyond that and help your family’s social interactions with outsiders. Goldendoodles attract positive attention because they are friendly and distinctive-looking. This encourages you to meet new people and tends to spark lively conversations. It also helps to keep the social networks you already have alive and productive. People find you and your family more trustworthy when you own a dog and are therefore more willing to support you.

Goldendoodles enjoy increasing popularity as family dogs because of their intelligence, trainability, and loveable nature. Many of the features they inherited from the poodle and the Golden Retriever allow them to provide numerous benefits to increase the odds of you having a happy and productive family.

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