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    With a $13.3 billion market, graphic design is one of the most steadily-growing industries out there. This is because of the importance of graphic design in business- it helps to take your online presence to the next level.

    But why exactly is a unique and artistic look important for your website? Read on to answer this question and to better understand why hiring a designer is key to success.

    People Prefer Visual Content

    The human mind processes images about 600,000 faster than text. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is also visual.

    Because people can more easily interpret graphics and images, it’s highly preferable to text-based branding or completely textual blog posts. It makes your content easier to understand and more interesting for those consuming it. 

    Business graphic design encompasses a lot of different things including logo creation, on-site content, and social media videos. It also determines the way that your website is laid out. Navigation, imagery, and clickable content all rely on graphic design.

    It Makes You Memorable

    Another reason that you need to invest in a professional graphic designer is that people prefer visual content to text-based content. In fact, 80% of people remember what they see visually. This is a stark contrast to their memory of what they read (20%) and of what they hear (10%).

    These figures show how important it is to design an appealing logo and website graphics. When you invest in business graphic design, you make yourself more memorable to your target audience when they stumble across your page. They are more likely to think of your brand later when they see imagery and colors related to your business.

    You Build a Better Brand Image

    Making your brand memorable is important because people are more likely to come back to your business later. However, there are more reasons that it’s important to build a brand image as well. Some include:

    • Creating trust with your target audience
    • Showcasing yourself as a credible authority
    • Getting consumer loyalty with consistent imagery and a cohesive brand voice
    • Supporting your advertising campaigns with images that you can incorporate into ads
    • Generating new customers and clients with interesting and engaging visuals

    Note that all of your competitors are likely using graphic design services. If you don’t hire a professional to help make your website look great, you’re going to fall behind the competitors that are investing in this expert assistance. Make sure that your brand doesn’t fall behind!

    Make sure to talk to freelancers at to learn more about branding your business the right way!

    Beyond the Importance of Graphic Design

    Now that you know the importance of graphic design when boosting your business, it’s time to begin generating a high ROI. Check out the “technology” tab on our home page for more business branding tips that you can use when setting up or revamping your website. You also may be interested in our “business and finance” tab to learn more about growing your SMB.

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