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How to Get a Higher Rating on a Rideshare App

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Whether you are considering finding a new side hustle or want a full-time gig where you can work your own hours and the potential to earn well above minimum wage, working as a rideshare driver can be a lucrative pursuit for you. Whether you want to drive a few hours a month or ten hours a day, rideshare can accommodate your availability. But the key to succeeding in the rideshare game is keeping your driver rating high. Here are a few things that you can do to get a higher rating on a rideshare app.

Be a Good Driver

The first thing that you need to do to get a higher rating on a rideshare app is to be a good driver when you have customers in your vehicle. The most common complaints that drivers on rideshare apps get is that they broke laws, drove unsafely, or simply didn’t know where they were going. You should always use a navigation app, so you have clear and proper directions to your destination. You must also be sure to follow all the rules of the road when there are passengers in your car as oftentimes even one mistake is not tolerated.

Maintain a Clean Car

Another important way that you can get a higher driver rating on a rideshare app is to maintain a clean car for your passengers. When your passengers are paying for the rideshare experience, they are expecting to see a clean and approachable car. This does not mean your car must be spotless, but you should do your best to keep trash from building up in the back seat and clean your car every now and again. Using the wrong cleaning product on your car interior can lead to damage. Make sure you are using a car safe cleaning solution to clean your car’s interior.

Provide Amenities

The final tip that can help you get a higher rating on a rideshare app is to provide amenities for your passengers. By providing free bottles of water, charging cables, and aux cords for passengers to select their own music, you are providing a more individualized experience. This will leave your passengers more inclined to leave you a five-star review.

Driving for rideshare apps is a great way to earn a little extra cash or make your entire living. But in order to find success, you are going to need to keep your driver rating high. Follow these three tips and you’ll have a five-star rating in no time.

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