Data Intelligence: What It Is And Why It Matters

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    The growth of the economy and businesses churns massive volumes of data. To survive the cut-throat competition, many companies need to analyze large chunks of raw and unfiltered data sets to understand their growth and development scope.

    The analysis process leads to actionable insights that can help boost a variety of trade, even import and export, by helping you find global suppliers and traders. Now, the term data intelligence may be new to many.

    What Is Data Intelligence?

    Data intelligence is a methodology that produces actionable insights after deep analysis of a company’s raw data using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and other modern data science concepts.

    Most companies, be it SMEs or blue-chips, mandate the use of data intelligence to understand the reasons for any roadblocks that the company starts experiencing without prior warning.

    Intelligent technology aids in handling such unforeseen contingencies, and data science is man’s best invention concerning managing such situations with utmost efficiency. Big and small companies also use trade data intelligence for suppliers.

    Why Does Data Intelligence Matter?

    Data intelligence matters because it has a wide-ranging application across multiple domains ranging from e-commerce to international trade.

    Optimum use of it can not only help your business survive corporate calamities but also help it soar high above expectations. It helps to find global suppliers that are better suited to the needs and requirements of the company.

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    It has also had an impact on the country’s economy and economic and civil security. Thus, while it is essential for the corporate world, it is inevitable for the industries mentioned above to incorporate it at some point in time.

    Where Is Data Intelligence Used?

    1. Customer Shopping Trends

    Data intelligence analyses recurrent changes in the market and helps the firms make informed decisions based on the changing trends and choices of the customers.

    1. Data Processing & Filtering

    The adaptive dynamics of the tool processes necessary feed and helps save a lot of time and effort. In layman’s words, it filters all the information and discards the garbage out of your system.

    It takes the raw data and transforms it into digestible and usable information. The processed data is an effective solution for importers who sometimes have limited knowledge about cross-cultural business environments.

    1. Optimizing Business Strategies

    Data science leads to augmented analysis that helps plan effective business strategies that help in yielding the best ROI (Return on Investment).

    It helps understand whether the investments made are generating profitable returns to administer appropriate decisions and solutions for importers accordingly.

    1. Sentiment Analysis

    DI helps understand the customer requirements, choices, changing preferences and sentiments and reasons for the change.

    It also becomes possible through analyzing online reviews. Based on that, a company can tailor changes in their products or services and even trade data intelligence for suppliers.

    1. Supply Chain Management

    Data science helps plan and organize the company’s operations and logistics by collecting real-time data like:

    ● Route roadblocks
    ● Weather forecasts
    ● Optimal date and warehouse locations
    ● Sales history
    ● Local events and festival trends
    ● Sales patterns
    ● Potential blockers

    It also helps in import-export trade by finding solutions for importers who face regional challenges.


    Data intelligence helps in achieving promised goals by predicting industrial changes. A company can leverage the large volumes of data generated every day and gain fresh and bold insights into the workings of the industry. It leads to optimum decision making and building intelligent frameworks.

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