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Some Top Sightseeing Attractions for Students in Leeds

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Leeds is a city in England, which provides something to people with every type of interest. It hosts some excellent sporting events. Then again, one can discover some wonderful venues of entertainment here. So, a large number of people from different continents visit Leeds to enjoy this multidimensional city.

In addition, there are many individuals who visit Leeds for a long time span. Many of them are those who come here for business or a job. Among them, some individuals settle here for their lifetime whereas some others return back to their native places after a few years.

On the other hand, some individuals come here for higher education for three or four years. Therefore, the places for student accommodation Leeds can never be seen empty. International students who enroll in a university in Leeds also have some other dreams apart from their studies. Their major dream is to explore the city.

Leeds has a lot of offers to international students. They can explore a lot during their years of stay in Leeds. Most of the places for student accommodation are located near the public transport system. Therefore, students do not find any problem in visiting the places for sightseeing in Leeds.

Here, you will read about some popular destinations in Leeds that you can visit during your student life in this city.

Travel Attractions in Leeds

1. Leeds Town Hall

It is a Cuthbert Brodrick-designed icon, which was started by Queen Victoria in the year 1858. But, it still comprises hallmarks of royal finery. On the off chance that you wish to see a fine illustration of Victorian architecture, then it is the right place for you to visit. It is a towering symbol of civic pride and it still retains many of its old-world features.

2. Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries Museum has five floors, which are full of magnificent relics, trinkets, and treasures from the National Collection of Arms or Armours. You are able to witness the history of warfare and combat through these exhibits. One example of the exhibit is Danzig, which is one of the earliest handguns. We can also mark a full-blown suit of armor as another example that is made especially for an elephant.

This museum also hosts frequent arm displays and jousting tournaments. It is free to enter.

3. Temple Newsam

Experts recommend Temple Newsam as a place that should be at the top of the sightseeing list in Leeds. It has over 500 years of history and is set amidst 1500 acres of parkland. You can experience here one of the most significant collections of fine and decorative art here. Besides, there are grounds here with landscaped gardens. There is also a farm at this place in which one can meet sheep and pigs however it is meant for kids.

4. Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is one of the best remaining medieval Cistercian abbeys, which are left in Britain. A tour can be taken through its breathtaking ruins. There are rooms at this place where once monks used to live and pray.

It was started building in the year 1152 but most of the part that you see at present was finished in the year 1182. Even after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, it remained one of the great structures.

5. Leeds Playhouse

Leeds Playhouse is considered one of the most significant theatres in England since the year 1990. For theatre lovers, it is a must-visit attraction in the city.

6. Leeds Kirkgate Market

Leeds Kirkgate Market is quite possibly of the greatest indoor market in Europe. The first thing to see is the astonishing 19th-century façade. Inside the market, you can walk between 100s of conventional stalls selling everything such as fresh fruits, vegetables, loose tea, exotic spices, and award-winning spices.

It is recommended for students to have a bite in the street food kitchen. It is full of indie deliciousness.

7. Victoria Quarter

Victoria Quarter is the number one place in Leeds for fashion lovers. You can go there if you are willing to visit designer boutiques. It has a plethora of couture highlights, such as Vivienne Westwood and Reiss and Harvey Nichols.
But, shopping is not the only attraction here. You will see incredible architecture if you look up. Besides, you will witness the biggest stained-glass roof in the UK, which was designed by Brian Clarke. It drapes over the major shopping strip.

Victoria Quarter is now joined by a stylish and modern Victoria Gate.

8. Leeds Grand Theatre

Leeds Grand Theatre is a perfect example of Victorian theatre design. It was opened in November 1878 and its first performance was Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It is one of the ideal places in Leeds for theatre lovers.

To Sum Up

In addition to the abovementioned ones, there are several other attractions in Leeds, which students can enjoy during their stay in this city. All the attractions in Leeds make the years of stay of students unforgettable for their lifetime.

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