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How to Avoid Regrets When Hiring for an Important Role

HomeBusinessHow to Avoid Regrets When Hiring for an Important Role

Hiring is an aspect of running a business that is both very difficult and also essential. If you want your company to have a future, you need to understand how to find the people you are looking for. Here are some ways to avoid the most egregious regrets.

Ask Good Interview Questions

The interview is a critical juncture of the hiring process. Arguably, it is the most important part since people can make themselves sound fantastic on a resume–but it is in the interview where you can make a human connection and get a feel for what people can really offer. Try and understand beforehand what it is you’re looking for. Know what kind of blend of personal and technical skills you’re looking for. Ask them questions explicitly curated for that outcome. You can also consider giving them a challenge or problem that would demonstrate ability relevant to the position being offered.

Vet Them

After the initial round of interviews, it’s a good idea to think about vetting your candidates thoroughly. That doesn’t mean you have to violate anyone’s basic privacy or do anything excessive, but it is a good idea to do some basic research. Background checks can offer peace of mind when hiring for a sensitive role. Depending on the kind of position you’re hiring for, you also might want to consider checking their credit score. No matter the position, you’re also going to want to check their social media. Just the basics will be fine–Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to start. That way, you’ll get a glimpse into who they are in a more casual setting. 

List the Position In the Right Place

Proper listing can play a super important role when it comes to hiring. You need to know where and how to look for the best candidates in your local market. Sites like Indeed, Handshake, and LinkedIn are invaluable resources for that exact reason. But even more essential is your use of your network. Talking to colleagues, coworkers, friends, associates, and even competitors can be hugely beneficial. Cherished employees who have to leave due to unforeseen circumstances can give recommendations as well. These candidates tend to be of much higher quality than random applicants. 

Hiring is difficult because, oftentimes, your decisions are dictated by circumstance. After all, you can’t control the state of the current job market. However, you can do plenty of research to make the best, most robust network possible. 

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