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How to Make Money while Studying?

HomeEducationalHow to Make Money while Studying?

When you are studying as an international student, it becomes very difficult to manage your money. Not to worry, as there are many ways the students can make money, which do not need missing lectures or dropping the ball on coursework. Having a part-time job at university is quite common. The only trick is to find one that works for you. So, here are some interesting ways a student can make money:

Private tutor

Being a private tutor is one of the extremely flexible part-time job, which students can fit around their lectures. Tutoring sessions can go from anything from £15 to £40 an hour depending on the level of expertise or experience you got. Tutoring the children is quite sort out for different academic subjects, be it Maths or History. But if you have got good knowledge in a completely different area, there is no reason not to capitalize on that instead. Foreign language tutors are quite a in demand. In addition to it, music teachers or art teachers can gain good money. Besides, you do not need any kind of qualifications to become a personal tutor. All you need is good communication skills and time management skills.

Sell your stuff

 You can de-clutter all your stuff and make some money in the process. You can sell most of your stuff at the university. Be it old clothes, books and electronics, you can sell all that you don’t want. eBay is also a great place for selling almost anything, from clothes you no longer wear to your old phones which are no longer in use. If you live in shared accommodation and have two or more microwaves, kettles or toasters, or any kind of large kitchen electrical that people tend to buy when they start university, then you can sell those items too. It is also a great place to sell all your books, including university textbooks.

You can also easily sell all your old university textbooks for the first-year students during the induction week. You can make a little side hustle out of this every year by buying up books at the end of each academic year and selling them the year after.

Making money through online surveys

A super-easy and stress-free way for students to make money is by completing online surveys. Marketing research companies always look for thoughts on new goods and services. This is an ideal way to make money swiftly as you just have to fill in some forms in return for rewards or cash. You can Google to come across some of the options to make money. You can do it easily from the comfort of your student accommodation Brighton. 

Freelance Work

There are different kinds of work you can do as a freelancer. This is one of the best options for students doing a degree in something creative or a subject needing a lot of essay-based assignments. You can try out your hand at a little freelance project as per your interest. You can try graphic design if the arts are your thing or you can do some copywriting if words are more your jam. Managing social media accounts is also a great thing to war money especially if you already have a decent following of your own. Freelancing is a great way to easily build up contacts, which can be useful once you complete your university, so this is something, not one to be sniffed at.

Setting up your website

Yes, it is another interesting way to earn money. Setting up your website can be great for your CV and your bank account. It is really easy to generate passive income and make money from any place in the world. First of all, you need to select your content management system to host your website. If you are new to this then you should go with WordPress. It is the easiest CMS to get to grips with and has themes that are available completely free of charge. Later, you can decide what you want your website to focus on. If you want to write reviews, the best way to make money from this is by adding different affiliate links to the products are will review. That way, when someone buys a product off the back of your recommendation, you can earn profit too. You can sell anything you like, be it your art, music, or blogs. You can also write content about some kind of hobby. For an instance, if you love baking you can start a blog about cakes and promote different kinds of kitchen equipment you have used or an extra special and delightful ingredient. The possibilities don’t have any end. It’s all up to your creativity.

Wrapping Up

When you are in a new place trying to earn some money, you must focus on your studies as well. There are plenty of ways to earn money but it is also important to save it for an emergency. You cannot earn and spend all the money on partying. This way you can’t enough. So, plan what you want to do and earn as per your liking.

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