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Tips on Using Social Media Creatively to Boost Website Traffic

HomeEducationalTips on Using Social Media Creatively to Boost Website Traffic

Social media enables brand managers to increase their reach significantly to audiences that may not have discovered the brand. Compared to conventional advertising, social media is inexpensive and facilitates continuous and two-way interaction between the brand and the target audience that leads to better engagement and brand awareness. However, for the brand to reap the benefits, you need to implement an appropriate content management strategy that will promote user engagement and generate traffic to the brand website.

Facebook Tagging Competition

Even though it has been used for long, a competition of Facebook requesting users to tag as many of their friends on a post published by the brand still is seen to work very effectively in increasing your social media reach and consequent website traffic. These competitions generally involve giving away small rewards to users who tag their friends; while the expense is not too heavy, the freebies create a lot of customer goodwill, especially if you can use your own products. Once you know the people who have been tagged, it opens up opportunities for you to engage them further and generate website traffic. Traffic masters helps to create your own advertising campaign and bring thousands of visitors to your website.

Social Media Button Integration into Website

While social media users can generate traffic to the website, it is also necessary that visitors to the website be allowed to share website content easily to their social media accounts so that the brand gets wider exposure, which in the turn will be responsible for generating website traffic. Website content sharing can be made very easy if the website developer integrates social sharing button for the more popular social media networks. Social sharing increases the reach and exposure of the brand making it more likely users will not restrict their engagement to only real Instagram likes but ultimately convert the awareness into purchases.

Blog Post Sharing

Blog posts are a very important component of your content management strategy and you are seriously undermining its potential for attracting traffic if you were to treat them as only traffic magnets from organic search. Every time, your pen a blog post, not only should you publish it on the website but also share it on every social media platform that your target audience is active on. When you have built up a library of blogs, you will be in a situation to refresh them with current data or repurpose them into interesting content that does not seem boring even to people who have read them earlier. When social media users find your blog posts that are shared on the social media interesting and relevant to their needs, they will be tempted to visit your website and transact with you.


You can generate website traffic using social media in many other ways in addition to the ones discussed here. What will work the best depends on a lot of factors, including your industry, your brand equity, and your audience preferences so you need to experiment before arriving at the most optimum mix. Regardless of the methods that you adopt, building up your social media presence is a prerequisite.

Walter Moore
Walter Moore
Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.


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