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How to Evaluate a Candidate’s Fit at Your Company

HomeBusinessHow to Evaluate a Candidate’s Fit at Your Company

The hiring process can certainly be tricky at times. You need to learn how to wade through the slush pile of applications until you find the candidate who is right for you. 

Here are some preliminary things you should absolutely consider.

Ask the Right Questions

The interview process is a crucial step in your search for the right candidate. This is where you get to look past all of the on-paper accomplishments and accolades and figure out what kind of worker they are. You can’t do this effectively without having the right questions prepared.

You need to now only get to know them as a person, but you need to know if their skills and experience are what this particular position needs. Ask specifically about strengths and weaknesses relative to what the job will require. Asking about the candidate’s solution to a hypothetical problem can also be helpful.

Look at Their Social Media Accounts

Social media is a huge part of day-to-day life for most people nowadays. A lot of people will let their guard down and will show a bit of who they really are on social media. This is a great way to get a sense of who people are outside of a professional setting. 

Many companies think similarly–half of employers screen candidates’ social media accounts before making a hiring decision. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most common options that offer the possibility of finding the individual with a simple name search. If you see something off-putting or discouraging, consider whether or not that might affect their job performance.

Talk to Their Past Employers

Just about every resume nowadays includes past employers and/or a section for references. Try and get an idea of what the applicant was like in their past jobs. Calling or emailing old employers asking about the candidate’s performance is one useful way to get another perspective. Be mindful of the tasks that they had to carry out in their previous positions relative to the things that they’ll have to do for you. If the necessary skills for their previous position differ widely from the skills you require, you’re going to want to consider that as well.

Every candidate is different and every company is looking for something different. A good employee isn’t all about skills and experience, either–it can often be more important to be eager and ready to learn. Be thorough in your hiring process, and you’ll learn soon enough which kinds of people you’re looking for.

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