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CBD Lifestyle: A Guide to A Healthier Living

HomeWellnessCBD Lifestyle: A Guide to A Healthier Living

Everyone agrees on eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. Then there’s CBD.

Focusing on the challenge of healthier living got significantly easier with the addition of CBD oil as a natural alternative option to help our bodies.

It’s close to common knowledge about how many good things CBD can do for your body. CBD oil has gone from a niche product to a major health factor very quickly, so let’s assemble some of the good pieces.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is closely associated with homeostasis, which is a term often used to describe a body in ideal rhythm and balance. The human body involves a lot of functions, and CBD touches many of them through the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the ECS.  

A 2017 World Health Organization (WHO) report gave CBD oil a major boost by stating the desire to explore more of its potential benefits across a diverse range of conditions. They also gave special emphasis to CBD having no chance of being addictive.

Researching surrounding CBD oil continues to gather anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that it can positively benefit the human body in various applications.

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How to Effectively Improve Your Overall Health

For those who participated in one fad diet or another, you probably weren’t eating healthy before. Anyone who diets should be aware that nutritional deficiency is a very real minus factor in the bigger health picture.

Although CBD oil sometimes gets credited for weight loss, experts agree that any weight loss program must include regular exercise to be effective.

Consider some of these popular “healthy” possibilities that may cause more harm than good:

Master Cleanse

These consists of lemonade, laxative teas, salt water, and cayenne pepper. Yes indeed, it seems to strip off the pounds, but ten days with a high sugar intake and no solid food or nutrients is simply not good for your health.

Raw Food Diet

This type of diet is more than just eating sushi. Food poisoning is always a risk with raw food, and many uncooked foods are linked to food-borne illness. Whether raw diet benefits include clearing up allergies, boosting immunity, or arthritis relief remains iffy.


Juicing clearly leaves fiber and nutrients behind and you always feel hungry; but minus the intake of calories, sure you lose weight! Supporters will bring up ‘detoxing’ rationale, but kidneys have the job of getting rid of toxins. No food doesn’t sound healthy for a reason.

If someone suggested a healthier living event where you might stroke out, how many would vote ‘Yes’?

Jim Fixx’s 1997 ‘The Complete Book of Running’ started the jogging boom, a legendary change that improved overall health-conscious activities in the US.

There’s nothing funny about the fact Jim died at fifty-two. Sometimes you can’t change what’s going on inside your body, but the effort to make a healthier living difference should count for something. Helotes CBD Store recognizes the various health benefits of CBD and wants to make infomation about CBD available to anybody who needs it.

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Make Your Health a Priority

Whatever your reasons for trying organic shampoo, Tom’s toothpaste, (or kale), the positive payoffs from CBD could change your health picture in a much bigger way.

Anyone who’s counted the side effect factors on their fingers during a TV ad for OTC medications should be aware of the possible negatives. This is one of the many factors that make natural alternatives, like hemp-derived CBD oil, so enticing.

The Food and Drug Administration’s Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status is a legitimate green light for trying anything new. GRAS means ingredients are known to not be hazardous to health, and approved for use in foods.

In other words, go get yourself a CBD smoothie.

This might seem like a minor hassle, but lab results for any CBD products should be part of purchasing. If you’d put down a yogurt carton at the grocery store because it has too much sugar, consider the bigger negative of hemp as a bioaccumulator.

Hemp plant roots can suck up heavy metals, pesticides, and any impurities in the soil. If companies use lower quality hemp plants, they may be contaminated with such impurities.

Every good CBD manufacturer will have their lab results posted, usually online, and lots of zeros indicate that their products are free from any unnatural additives.

healthy living

The Opioid Crisis and How CBD Can Help

When talking about opioids, the word crisis comes to mind.

A major drawback to the speed of opioids is the creation of artificial endorphins.

Everyone knows how a ‘runner’s high’ produces endorphins. Reducing the stimulus of pain at the source (arms, legs, lungs) is the body’s and CBD’s natural way of dealing with things. Artificial endorphins work on the perception of pain, so an easy approach is to simply pop a pill and experience “relief.”

Unlike CBD, which is tolerated well even at high doses, opioids can kill. The scary estimate of US opioid deaths from overdosing (2016) was between 59,000 and 65,000 people. That compares to about 58,000 U.S. soldiers who died in the entire Vietnam War.

All at the hands of Big Pharma.

Bonus information: CBD oil and opiates are co-agonists, meaning they magnify each others effectiveness. Using CBD oil for pain control could actually allow people to lower their opiate doses.

healthy living

Infused CBD Cooking

CBD is becoming a go-to alternative for those looking to add some all-natural benefits to their daily meals.

Patience is going to be the key when cooking with CBD, mostly because you will be cooking at lower temperatures.

Accept the fact that measuring out CBD is better than slapping in “enough so they can taste it” like a curry dish. You’ll learn that dressings, sauces, and marinades are best for cooking experiences because they have oils that allow the CBD to spread through the mixture.

A sensible cooking suggestion is to start low with CBD content and smaller quantities of food. When you feel you’ve got the right amount for the taste of CBD in dishes – enough but not too much, just like Goldilocks – go bigger with it.

It’s more than okay to get the benefits of cooking with CBD without wasting oil or making expensive mistakes with food.

healthy living

THC-Free CBD Benefits

Vaping could be the poster child for CBD – highly effective, and easy to use.

In order to be considered federally legal, hemp-derived CBD must come from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. THC is the more infamous cannabinoid compound that induces the “high” sensation.

Rubbing a topical on fingers that are feeling a bit of stiff pain, or to soothe post-mountain bike thumpings instead of OTCs, is an easy difference for anyone to get used to.

Sleek, discrete pens with an easily applied supply source makes vaping a top choice for accessing CBD benefits. Flavors and strength levels may be a factor, but the immediate relief from hitting a pen with whatever is needed at the moment makes a real difference.

Having a CBD-infused edible with a morning java should get the day off to a good start. CBD oil affects pets in much the same way, because all animals with spines also have an ECS.

Everyone agrees on eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. Continued awareness on that front and education about CBD use can make anyone their own best consultant for healthier living.

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Glenn S
Glenn S
Long time sports, business, features writer, and blogger, including real estate and community relations. Involved with scholastic reading and writing mentoring. A Baby Boomer who strives to enlighten and be enlightened about things like CBD oil that can make a positive difference in healthier living.


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