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A Complete Guide to Student Accommodation Abroad

HomeEducationalA Complete Guide to Student Accommodation Abroad

As the trend of studying abroad is increasing, the demand for accommodation for
students is also increasing. When someone gets enrolled in a university in some other part of the world, his/her first requirement remains a place to stay. But, getting a residence abroad is not enough. Modern-day students also want some facilities inside according to their requirements and priorities. It is not feasible for students to arrange everything on their own.

Today, universities and private builders prepare accommodations for students
according to their needs and desires. Students are required to take only a few things with them such as clothes, books, etc. All other things they find in their new student residence.

Here, you will read some details about accommodations that students can get abroad.

Types of Student Accommodations

There are different types of accommodations available for students today. You can
know about some popular types below.

1. Ensuite Rooms

Ensuite rooms are the personal rooms in which residents get the attached bathrooms. One person only in each room. The areas like the kitchen and lounge are shared by all the residents of the flat in which the ensuite room is located.

2. Shared Rooms

Shared rooms are rooms occupied by two or more residents. All the areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and lounge are shared by all the occupants.

3. Studios

A studio is a type of student accommodation, which comprises a large space with the facilities of an apartment. In a large space, students get a bed, study area, an open kitchen area, etc. A studio comprises an attached bathroom. The studios come
available with either single or double occupancy features.

4. Apartments

In an apartment, residents find one or more bedrooms. In one bedroom, either one or two students can stay depending on the apartment. The bathroom can either be shared or ensuite. The areas like the kitchen and lounge are shared by all the residents of the apartment.

PBSA and Private Rental Apartments

Purpose-built student accommodations are abbreviated as PBSA. These are the
accommodations in the complexes, which are specially designed as per the
requirements of students. A number of amenities for students are found in PBSA

On the other hand, private rental apartments are the types of apartments, which are not in the student complexes and are not purposely built for students. These are the types of rental apartments, which can be acquired by any person. However, seeing the demand of students, a few facilities as per students’ needs are being provided today in their complexes also.

Both these types have their pros and cons. PBSA properties completely fulfil the
requirements of students whereas rental apartments do not but the rental apartments come at comparatively low prices.

Some Amenities Available in Accommodation Complexes

In the accommodation complexes meant for students, especially PBSA, they find
amenities for their studies, fun, fitness, dining, etc.

Study tables & chairs, study rooms, and libraries can be found in many complexes, which are the study features. In the fun features, we can mark games rooms with games like pool, billiards, table tennis, and video games; cinemas for entertainment; and swimming pools. Swimming has a number of health benefits which is why a swimming pool can be considered a fitness feature also.

Besides, there are gyms available in many complexes with advanced workout
machines. Sports courts for the sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. can also be found in many complexes, which are great sources of fun and fitness for students.

For dining, students get microwaves, ovens, cooktops, and fridges in the kitchens.
Some complexes also have arrangements for BBQ for grilled food lovers.

In their rooms, apartments, or studios, students also get broadband or Wi-Fi internet connections.

Easy Way to Find and Book Accommodation Abroad

Online platforms have made it easier nowadays to book accommodation abroad. One way is to visit the website of the accommodation owner. But, if you use this method, you can know about only one property at a time and you will have to spend a lot of time searching for other accommodation properties.

The easy way to find and book accommodation abroad is through the websites of online accommodation service platforms. On these websites, you can get lists of properties available in various cities in the world. By searching the name of a city, you reach the dedicated webpage of that city and see the list of student properties there. You can also visit the pages of properties one by one to read their details such as prices, amenities, distance from universities, etc.

Some of these online platforms also provide a special comparison feature through
which you can compare up to four properties of a city on a single webpage and can
select the best one according to your requirements and priorities. After selection, you can book accommodation directly from the accommodation service platform website.

To Sum Up

It was the complete information in short about accommodations you can get abroad as a student. You can contact accommodation service platforms to get more information.

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Monika Negi
Monika Negi is a content writer. She has over 3 years of experience as a content marketer. If you're a student looking for a room, Student Accommodation has many properties that are available to rent at extremely low rates.


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