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6 Reasons WordPress Is a Must-Have CMS for Small Business Websites

HomeTechnology6 Reasons WordPress Is a Must-Have CMS for Small Business Websites

WordPress owns over 60% of the market share of content marketing systems and around 15% of the leading websites run on WordPress. That said, this open-source platform is one of the best choices for top brands. Now, does it work for small business websites as well?

First impressions matter when it comes to small business operations. You need not miss anyone from the first contact to anyone visiting your site the first time. Therefore, make sure your website’s functionality is of the top order and it looks and feels good as well. Based on a recent report, you have about 50-60 milliseconds to create a fantastic first impression. WordPress is undeniably the content management system that several small businesses prefer. Want to know why it is the best option for a small business and worthy of your choice?

Here are 6 reasons why WordPress is the CMS to count on to rev up the online experience of small businesses. Pick a custom WordPress development company to ensure that your website grows along with your business.

1. Quick set up

The installation and configuration of WordPress sites are relatively quick and easy. Several hosting service providers offer an auto-installing feature that lets you wrap the installation pretty fast. All you need are a few clicks and the installation of your website is complete.

Even if they do not provide such a feature, you can search various online resources and follow the step-by-step guide to get started easily. But if you want a professional-looking website for your small business, a better option is to outsource WordPress development in case you are not tech-savvy. The outsourcing company focuses on the business aspect of your site and rules out the potential drawbacks.

2. Easy to use and open-source

WordPress is open-source, meaning that it is easy to download and always ready for modification. Apart from this, the easy user interface aids in adding images, pages, posts, or other features quickly.

3. Low cost of development

Small businesses usually work on tight budgets and will help you minimize the cost. All that you need to pay for is the domain name and the hosting service as the CMS is free. Besides, small business owners can make the most from a flurry of plugins and themes that the WordPress community develops. It’s good to sneak into the free tools when most of them fulfill the requirements of small business websites.

Although you need not hire a professional developer to create a WordPress site, only professionals ensure that your business website is ready to work in multiple mediums. Besides they also help in the installation of widgets to make sure that the site runs smoothly and enhance the online experience of your visitors. If you want to get an expert within your target budget, hire WordPress developers India to keep the cost of development pretty low.

4. Easy to optimize

Search engine optimization is a necessary tool for every website. So, your small business website needs to be SEO optimizes to make sure the website ranks on the first page of the search engine. Imagine the number of times you even take a look at the second page of the search engine and it becomes pretty clear why the CMS is just right for ranking your small business website.

No wonder small businesses are rushing to build their sites on WordPress as you have several plugins that make optimization far too easy. However, you may still need experts to help. Outsourcing website development to experts is the right way to go. It is natural for small business websites to spend time on business development. That is when they need a web development outsourcing company, and stop bothering about losing money at every step. When you need to develop and optimize a WordPress website, experienced companies like Digital Concepts will offer an opportunity to streamline the tasks without putting the least strain on your budget.

5. Take control of your website

Do you know how important it is to own a website fully? Steer clear of web-building tools that restrict access to the source code. With WordPress websites, you can rule out such issues fully to the brim.

6. Managing permission and access

With the growth of your business website, comes the issue of permission management. Besides, you also need to decide on the access that applies to various users. Here are why small businesses leverage WordPress websites. The easy-to-use user roles determine what users can or cannot do on the site.

Need a responsive web page for your small business website that also loads quickly? Do not let your prospects leave the site too early or fail to work on multiple devices. When you hire professional developers in offshore locations like India, you may ensure that the visitors on your site stay longer than usual. Relying on WordPress for your small business will deliver a satisfying experience.

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Mitali Purkait
Mitali Purkait
Mitali Purkait Ghosh is the owner and co-founder of a web development outsourcing company, Digital Concepts. She is a blogger and writes passionately about why you must hire WordPress developers India. Read her posts before you decide to outsource WordPress development from offshore locations.


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