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How do Monetization Platforms Help Fitness Instructors to Earn 5x Revenue

HomeTechnologyHow do Monetization Platforms Help Fitness Instructors to Earn 5x Revenue

VOD platforms help creators monetize their channels and earn from the content they upload. After creating the content, a creator chooses the revenue method by which he or she wants to earn money. Every time someone streams the content or subscribes to the channel, the creator earns money.

The same applies to any creator regardless of their niche. So if you are a fitness instructor and want to multiply your income fivefold, you need to start an online fitness channel and monetize it.

Let’s get into the details of channel monetization and how you can earn more while doing what you love.

How Do Monetization Platforms Help Earn More Revenue?

To monetize your channel as a creator, you need to upload the content for the viewers to stream. Once you choose the fitness instructors monetization platform, start regular uploads. You are then presented with multiple monetization methods which a platform supports.

  • You can earn via subscriptions in which your viewers would buy the subscription to stream your content. This can be compared to Netflix where people give a subscription monthly or yearly and get to stream the content.
  • The next revenue method is ad-based in which your viewers watch a few ads while your videos are streamed. This lets you earn money by running ads without charging your viewers. In the streaming platforms that are free to use, this is the revenue stream that works for the creators.
  • Rental-based revenue method is the third one that platforms like Amazon utilize well. This kind of monetization option works when you upload exclusive content and live streams that are a one-time watch opportunity. 
  • In the online fitness business, creators can also earn by merchandising their products for their viewers. They can also earn via crowdfunding or donations where their fans might show them support by sending the currency.

For example, being a fitness creator, you can merchandise your brand’s logo on fitness things such as workout mats, towels, water bottles, and other necessities. 

Things To Look For In A Video Monetization Platform

Since now you know how to make money as a fitness Instructor with Monetization, it is important to choose the right platform.  Always choose a premium Video Monetization Platform that has the resources you need and comes budget-friendly as well. 

Speaking of which, we have brought up some important points that you should consider while choosing the right platform.

Multiple Pricing Options

As a new creator, you should always look for pocket-friendly options. With that being said, many streaming platforms are free of cost. You can also start with the free plans of a platform and you can switch to premium plans once you start to grow and when you need more functionalities.

A great platform is always one that lets its user try the features for free or for simple prices.

Flexible Payouts

The ultimate motive to upload the content and put effort is to add some value to your bank account. Hence a VOD platform should always be the one that supports you with multiple payment options. This way, you can choose the payout option that seems the most convenient to you without having any hassle while getting paid.

A platform should allow you to cash out whenever you want once the funds are available; it should not be too rigid with payout limits.

Various Monetization Methods

The more monetization options are there, the more flexible it becomes to make money in the digital fitness market. Hence always choose a platform that offers multiple ways to earn money. Never go for a platform that relies only on one way of earning unless you specifically want to opt for that specific monetization option.

Multiple Currencies

If you plan to have a global audience subscribe to your channel and use your services, you need to ensure that the platform supports multiple currencies. So if you create content in English, you can attract viewers from all English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Other than all these features, you can always look for platforms that offer customization. Now it depends on you which level of customization you prefer. Some platforms need you to have some coding experience and some do not. Choose the one that feels easy to operate and understand.

Security Measures

When choosing a streaming platform, users might often overlook it, but it is the most important feature to consider. Being a creator, you do not want others to steal your content or download it in unauthorized ways.

Hence it is essential to choose a platform that provides all essential security measures and additional ones too.

Some More Ideas To Make Revenue As A Fitness Instructor

Try Blending Writing With Fitness

Fitness instructors can blend the art of writing into their endeavor and make it an opportunity to earn more. You can write on blogs or sign up for some fitness magazines. 

Here you may get paid for every article or per word; plus, it will help you make a greater reach and expand your horizons.

Similarly, you can produce an ebook and it can be a great means of making passive income.

Develop An App And Brandify Yourself

Next, you can create your own app and upload the data of your choice. Such as you can help people meet their fitness goals like losing weight or gaining weight. You can upload some diet plans for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

You can also upload some custom workouts; the idea is to infuse your creativity and advertise your application well.

Reach The Audience Through Your Voice

If you enjoy broadcasting your thoughts to an audience in a vocalized way, try podcasting. You don’t have to spend too much; just buy some basic equipment to record your voice and upload your sessions and you are good to go!

Here you can earn by:

  1. Running ads
  2. Doing sponsorships

You can set the frequency of your podcast as per your preference.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing

Those who already have a blog can earn via affiliate marketing. Here you show the advertisements of others’ products on your website or blog. When someone uses those ads to purchase the product, you earn a commission; this can also be a great way to generate passive income.

Social Media is A Blessing

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are some of the greatest platforms of the era that a user can use in endless ways. Here you can advertise yourself and cover a large amount of the audience.

You can perform live workouts or upload sessions, you can share motivational quotes, and short videos; you can also provide recommendations for fitness products or earn via selling your own.

Always try to invite people to join you for training classes or personal sessions and you will catch some fish in the sea.

Some Smart Platforms To Try For Channel Monetization

Now that you have a clear understanding of ways to make money in the fitness industry, let’s get to know some good platforms that enable you to monetize your fitness channel.


If you are more focused on niches like Health and Education or if you are a film creator and want to upload Indie or short films, GUDSHO is the right means to do so. The platform is free to use and engages global audiences which expands your content reach.

The multiple currency feature enables the worldwide audience to subscribe to your fitness selling platform through TVOD or Donations.

2. Cleeng

The platform lets you make money with online fitness channel through SVOD which is the subscription-based method. Here your viewers will pay for a weekly or monthly subscription to stream your content. 

They have also implemented encryption tools to protect your content against piracy and other thefts. Cleeng supports you by letting you retain your subscribers while attaining more.

3. Muvi

If you are someone who enjoys creative ways to make money in fitness, Muvi is the right place. You can create in real-time while having interaction with your viewers. With Muvi you get both VOD and live streaming where you can also upload your content or stream it directly.

The platform offers a simple user interface where no technical knowledge is required. They also let you try their services during their trial period.

4. Lightcast

Lightcast is a platform where you can upload your content for streaming and can also manage it on all the apps from here. They also offer multiple monetization options such as SVOD, AVOD, Sponsorship, and TVOD. Since they allow white labeling, you can do your branding in the videos.

5. InPlayer

If you are an artist who wants to earn by selling your audience tickets, InPlayer has your back. They allow ticket sales and TVOD as their main monetization options. This means that if you have exclusive content or live sessions, you can make big bucks here. 

Their CRM lets you have all the data about your customers where you can manage all your interactions and customer relationships.

Let’s Monetize Your Fitness Channel This 2023

Streaming is the new way of reaching the world with your content and earning more than ever. As a fitness instructor, you need to conduct online fitness classes and monetize them to help you earn more revenue.

There are hundreds of streaming platforms and they offer multiple ways to earn such as by running ads, subscriptions, or giving your content on rent. Choose a platform that seems the most suitable and has your preferred monetization option.

With all these points mentioned, we hope that you find this article helpful and interesting. We hope that you will get some inspiration from here during your journey of monetizing your fitness channel.

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