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15 Out of the Box Ideas to Deliver Great Customer Service

HomeEducational15 Out of the Box Ideas to Deliver Great Customer Service

Do you want to provide excellent customer service to your clients? If caring for your customers is a priority then here are a few out-of-the-box ways to deliver excellent customer service.

The best way to increase loyal customers is by rewarding loyalty.

Invite your loyal customers to a VIP sale

One great way to make your customers feel special is by making them feel like they are part of a very special group. By giving them early access to a sale or having a sale just for them, you will be able to increase the amount of loyalty you get from the customers.

Give them early access to special products

Do you have a new product or service coming out? Is it better than the one you currently offer? Do you think it will help your current customers as well as new ones? Well, new customers will come, but you can retain your existing customers by giving them a first look at the new product you have to offer.

Video Email Responses

Want to stand out from the crowd but still use the same old techniques? Try something new with video responses, not only will they surprise your customers but also give them a more personalized feel.

Send them Holiday or Birthday Cards

Who doesn’t like to be wished on holidays and their birthdays? Use this to your advantage and send them a card just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Make customer service playful and fun

Take a page out of the book of giants such as Amazon and Netflix and learn how they treat their customers. Their tone is always conversational and always packed with personality. Do not talk to the clients like everyone else, make them feel special by talking to them like you would talk to a friend.

customer service

Fix the issues with the most complaints

This seems to be the most logical approach to the helpdesk. By fixing the thing that your customers are complaining about the most you will ensure that the customers do not have to face the same issues again.

Repost customers posts

Acknowledging customers’ posts is very important as it helps them know that you care. Reposting their posts relating to your business is the most common way of acknowledging customers and interacting with them at the same time.

Teach them something new

Your customers are your customers because you help them solve a problem. Help them even more by teaching them something new. This can be done by creating tutorials or videos if the lesson needs visual aids or you could send them a blog that you wrote to impart the knowledge.

Automate customer service with the help of a loyalty program

An automated loyalty program is your greatest marketing tool. You can set up a program in which your customers can earn points for every purchase that they make and this can then be turned into discounts. Earning these points can be addictive and give the customers the incentive they need to keep returning to you.

Feature your loyal customers on your blog

A blog is a very versatile thing it can not only be used to help your customers know more about you but can also help you show how much you care about your customers. There are great ways to include your customers in your blog come up with something amazing and see how it works.

Acts of goodwill always make a good impression. Your brand makes a charitable donation every year so why not add your customers’ names to that list? You can then send them a personalized email with their names and proof of the donation that you made.

Make them feel special on customer appreciation day

Use customer appreciation day for what it’s meant for, appreciate your customers. Send them a card or special discounts on that day.


Who doesn’t like a great gift, send a few select customers a swag bag with great merchandise that makes sense for your industry. You can give these goodies to customers who have made a minimum purchase or someone who has sent you pictures and testimonials. This is the extra incentive that customers will get to interact with you.

Write Thank You Notes

A tiny handwritten note takes no time at all so why not do it. You can get your customer service representatives to write them with the customers’ names and add them to every order. Sending a thank, you note with every order that you ship out is every product that you sell you would make a lasting image on your customers. With this, you will be able to increase the amount of engagement you get be it on social media or in person.


This is the number one rule of customer service the more personalized your service the closer you will get to make sure your customers know that they are special.

Use these great tips to improve your customer service skills.

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