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What to Know Before Buying a Tiny Home

HomeEducationalWhat to Know Before Buying a Tiny Home

It has become quite popular to purchase a tiny house. Doing so allows you to downsize and focus on a more minimalist lifestyle. If this lifestyle interests you, then you should make sure you do plenty of research beforehand so you know what you’re getting into.

How to Get Utilities

Before purchasing a tiny home, you should consider one of the most basic questions. Where will you be getting your utilities? A tiny home is powered differently than a regular home, but it still needs the basics like water, electricity, and plumbing. For most tiny houses, you will get all of your utilities in the same way that an RV would. You can hook up your home at the same hookups where RVs get their power and you can even connect your tiny house to the same utilities as another home where you might be staying. If you choose to park your tiny home somewhere away from these hookups, you need to be responsible for your own power.

Resale Value

Selling a tiny home is very different from selling a regular-sized home. Obviously, they are much smaller than regular homes, but they are also classified differently. Many consider them to be vehicles, especially since most are mobile. They will tend to lose value over time much like any other vehicle would. Tiny homes lose value due to wear and tear, time, and even where they are parked. If you are selling a tiny home, you need to expect that it may have lost value. Your main priority when selling should be on selling the buyer on the lifestyle accompanying a tiny home.


Unlike regular homes, tiny homes are often not permanent structures. They are intended to be mobile and you can park them wherever you decide to settle. However, keep in mind that you can’t park them literally anywhere. There are certain regulations you need to follow. Many people have their tiny home in someone else’s backyard or perhaps they live in a tiny home community. These typically exist on plots of land where several people have parked their tiny homes. Not every place will accommodate tiny homes, so you need to make sure you know where you can actually park.

Owning a tiny home is a unique experience and it has many benefits. Before you jump into this lifestyle, make sure you know what rules you need to follow and how you can live comfortably. Prepare beforehand so you can have an even better experience.

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