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What Kids Should Be Drinking Instead of Soda

Home Wellness What Kids Should Be Drinking Instead of Soda

It’s no secret that soda is bad for you. It’s loaded with sugar, and empty calories, and can contribute to weight gain. But did you know that soda is also bad for your teeth? The sugar in soda can cause cavities, and the acidity can erode tooth enamel. So what should kids be drinking instead of soda? Here are three options that are much better for their health—and their teeth.


We all know that water is the best possible choice for our bodies, and that includes our teeth. Water helps rinse away food particles and bacteria that can lead to cavities. It also helps keep our mouths hydrated, which is important for maintaining healthy gums. 

Also water is calorie-free, so it won’t contribute to weight gain like soda will. Make sure your kids are getting plenty of water every day. The human body is mostly made up of water, so getting enough every day has all sorts of benefits for your kid’s health.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a good alternative to soda because it contains vitamins and minerals that are good for our bodies. These vitamins and minerals help support your children’s growth and development, as well as support their immune systems. 

However, it’s important to remember that fruit juice still contains sugar. A lot of fruit juices still have lots of sugar, so you should limit their consumption. When choosing a fruit juice, look for one that is 100% juice with no added sugar. And as always, brush those teeth afterward!


Milk is a great choice for kids because it contains calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth. Milk also helps keep our mouths healthy by neutralizing the acids that can damage tooth enamel. Just like with fruit juice, though, it’s important to choose milk that has no added sugar. Opt for plain milk or unsweetened flavored milk instead of sugary options like chocolate milk. To get your kids the proper nutrition, giving them milk to drink is a significant step.

Soda may be tempting, but it’s not good for our bodies or teeth. Water, milk, and 100% fruit juice are all much better choices for kids—and they’re good for their health too! Make sure your kids are getting plenty of water every day and limit their intake of sugary drinks like soda and fruit juice. Their bodies—and their teeth—will thank you!

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