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Wondering what caused sudden teeth sensitivity? Here are the possible reasons!

HomeWellnessWondering what caused sudden teeth sensitivity? Here are the possible reasons!

Was it the ice cream or the hot soup that made you go ahh in your teeth with a shooting pain? 

It’s the sensitivity that just wretched you from the taste of your favorite food. 

Teeth sensitivity is a common issue among adults. It is referred to as the discomfort or pain felt when a person consumes hot or cold food/drink. Apart from eating, it can also occur when a person brushes their teeth everyday. 

In this article, we are going to bring to light all the possible reasons that have given birth to your tooth sensitivity. 

Let’s get started. 

Brushing your teeth vigorously 

We brush our teeth every day. Since many of us aren’t properly educated on what is the right way to brush our teeth, we often end up brushing them harder than required. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush also wears off the teeth’ enamel. It exposes the dentin layer and gum recession, which causes sensitivity in your teeth. 

Tip: Experts recommend everyone use a brush with soft bristles and use it gently on their teeth. You can also try an electric toothbrush as it acts gently on your teeth and gums. It will help you protect them simultaneously. 

Eating/drinking too acidic food/beverage 

The regular consumption of acidic and high-sugar foods and beverages breaks down the teeth’ enamel. It exposes the tooth roots and dentin layer, which leads to pain, discomfort, and tooth sensitivity. Acidic foods include coffee, red wine, soda pop, citrus fruits, and others. 

Tip: Limit the use of such foods and beverages and consume still water while eating such foods and afterward. Do brush your teeth after eating and drinking such foods in your meals. Experts also recommend cutting the acid with a glass of milk or with a piece of cheese after eating such foods. 

Overuse of mouthwash 

If you love fresh minty mouthwash, it may not only give you fresh breath but also cause concern for your teeth. The mouthwash contains alcohol that harms the teeth with repeated usage, causing sensitivity. It can worsen the existing sensitivity because of the alcohol and harsh chemicals in the mouthwash. 

Tip: Experts recommend rinsing your mouth with either saltwater or with an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash. As a best practice, consult with your dentist for appropriate usage, rinsing, and acceptable frequency of mouthwash. 

Excessive use of teeth whitening products 

One of the major reasons for tooth sensitivity is the excessive use or incorrect use of teeth whitening products. Many people use whitening toothpaste to whiten their teeth. Usually, those whitening products are showcased to the world with fascinating marketing advertisements with the bait of beautiful white smiles. These kinds of toothpaste contain whitening chemicals that do more damage than they give you the benefit of using them. 

Tip: Consult your dentist before you start or experiment with any whitening product on your teeth. If you are using one, we would recommend you stop right away.  

Sinus infection 

A sinus infection can also be a contributor to tooth sensitivity. The inflamed sinuses often make pressure on the cheekbones, face, and also on nerve endings in the teeth in some cases. It puts pressure on the teeth of the upper row especially in the jaw. In such cases, the person can feel discomfort while chewing their food. 

Tip: It’s important to consult a primary care doctor in such a situation. 

Tooth decay and plaque build-up 

Poor eating habits and oral health are the primary reasons for tooth decay and plaque build-up. It damages the tooth enamel, which often causes pain and tooth sensitivity. 

Tip: We would recommend you visit your dentist regularly. Stubborn plaque is removed by the dentist as brushing and home hygiene treatments alone. 

Fractured and damaged tooth fillings 

When the tooth fillings do not remain intact, it leaves the tooth’s inner nerves wide open. Also, the gap left between the tooth and the fillings gives space for food and cold liquids to get in, causing sensitivity and tooth decay over time. It causes temperature sensitivity which leads to intense pain in the tooth elevating discomfort while consuming anything. 

Tip: It’s important to consult your dentist, who would be referring you to an endodontist in such a case. 

Gum disease 

The problem of tooth sensitivity persists in the case of receding and swollen gums. It can be due to any oral health conditions, using harsh mouthwash, or likewise reasons. 

Tip: Keep attending your regular dental examinations for optimum oral health conditions. 

What’s next? 

Now if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, the above-mentioned causes can be the reason behind them. For sensitivity of any level, it’s important to get yourself examined by the dentist first. They can guide you better in the right direction and how you can take care of yourself in your present oral health conditions. You can also have the exact idea of what has been the cause of teeth sensitivity in your case. 

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Dr.Sharda Patel
Dr.Sharda Patel
Dr. Sharda Patel runs a family dentistry in Pleasanton family dentistry in Pleasanton, CA. She is a graduate from the Tufts University of Dental Medicines. She is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the American Dental Education Association. She is thorough, caring, and dedicated to patient satisfaction and comfort. You may find her reading a paperback on weekends.


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